This Weekend At SLU, It’s All In The Family

Forget the admission tours, this weekend many students will be able to show their parents Saint Louis University campus through their own eyes.

The annual Family Weekend kicks off tomorrow with the women’s soccer game at 7 p.m. The main focus of family weekend is for parents and students to relax and have fun together.

“The goal of Family Weekend is for parents to have a chance to come back and see their kids and have a fun time,” said Ashli Armstrong, Coordinator of Student Activities and director of Family Weekend.

The schedule of events is larger this year and Armstrong added that most of the activities planned this year are new.

This year families can get portraits taken at the dolphin pond, go to the Cardinals game, tour Anheuser-Bush Brewery or Grants Farm, attend a tailgate party and see a comedienne perform.

The Office of Student Life advertised Family Weekend at SLU101.

“We normally just send a mailer out in the fall, but this year we encouraged all the parents to come to Family Weekend when we spoke to them at SLU101,” Armstrong said.

Due to the new activities and the advertisement at SLU101, 250 families have registered to attend the activities this weekend, nearly double last year’s attendance. This is the largest group ever to attend Family Weekend, and 250 families attending means that nearly 750 people will be involved, most likely more.

“The increase has been a challenge, but it has been a good challenge; it’s great that so many families are attending,” Armstrong explained.

Most students are also looking forward to their parents coming this weekend.

“I am looking forward to spend time with my parents because I realize now that I took it for granted before,” said freshman Katie Allberry.

Freshman Joshua Clark, whose parents are coming from New York, added, “Even though I don’t really know what to except, I am happy that my parents are coming.”

To some families, Family Weekend has become a tradition, of sorts.

To the Clune family it is their “reunion in St. Louis.” Out of five children, three of them attend SLU. Matt is a 2nd year law student, Meghan is senior, and Katie is a freshman.

“My parents have come the last couple of years, and I really look forward to it because it is nice for them to come to us,” said Meghan Clune. “We have lots of activities to participate in because my sorority has activities for family, in addition to student life’s activities. We also do something just as a family, like go out to eat. It’s a busy weekend, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Matt Clune added, “We’re lucky to have our parents come visit us; I’m more excited about seeing my parents than the activities.”

Due to the larger attendance, the Office of Student Life has to give an exact head count on the amount of food for the caterers to make, so although all students are welcome to come hang out at the tailgate party, the food is only for the people who have paid for it in advance.

The comedienne Maryellen Hooper will perform on Saturday night is also open to everyone, but Armstrong cautions that about 600 people say they are going to see the comedian.

All family members attending besides SLU students had to pay $30 a person, plus hotel fees, which is why some people are not attending.

“I am just going home for the weekend, it is cheaper for me and my parents to do that,” said freshman Michelle Vaughan.

The Office of Student Life is looking forward to this weekend. “We anticipate a fun, relaxed time for all,” Armstrong said.

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