Plan to see The Wedding Planner

Standing in line waiting for tickets for the newest romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, it is easy to see that this movie is one suited for all types of moviegoers.

The film provides for a glimpse into the life of an obsessive, stubborn and independent wedding planner, Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez). Mary is a successful, single, working woman who will let nothing get in the way of obtaining partnership in the wedding firm where she is one of the most sought-after advisers. However, she comes close to death by way of a dumpster on the loose. Then comes the plot saver: As one of the former 50 Most Beautiful People, Matthew McConaughey (Dr. Steve Edison) rescues Lopez. After they share the tender moment, she gets sidetracked by this knight in shining armor. Although they are afraid to admit it, they fall head over heels for each other. But soon afterwards, she comes to realize that he is really the groom for her biggest wedding account ever.

Although the plot is thin, as are most romantic comedies, it is one of the most refreshing of this genre to recently hit the spotlight. Moreover, other positive aspects add to the overall feel of the film. For the most part the characters are believable and easy on the eyes. Her character, Mary is and extremely strong-minded woman who is rising to the top of her profession. Surely this role is terrific for Lopez, since she too rose from the slums of the Bronx on her way to stardom. Furthermore, it is nice to see that although Lopez is famous for her larger-than-average derriere, she maintains a good self-image and continues to display confidence and pride in her body, unlike the numerous Hollywood waifs of our generation. Overall, the role is well-suited for her, so naturally her acting in this film is unflawed, though it is not one of her most magnificent performances, which is merely due to the film’s genre.

McConaughey also plays his role very well. After such film credits such as U-571, Amistad and A Time to Kill, it would be nearly impossible to imagine a role which he could not carry off well. Since it is not one of his most challenging roles, he easily succeeds, as Lopez’s crush.

All in all, the film is a good pick for any member of the family or age group. Although romantic comedies are normally geared towards women, the admission for fellas is still worth the admission for fellas it they think Lopez it is worth seeing on the big screen. B+