Pub spices up old favorites

The biggest sports day of the year is rapidly approaching and with it the inevitable question of: what you are doing for Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, you could roll out the small black-and-white TV, sit in an uncomfortable chair while eating cheap snacks.

But how about partying with friends at that perfect bar and grill? The second suggestion sounds far better then the first, but where does one go to find this perfection? The search is over; Growlers Pub is available to make Super Bowl night, or any night-fun.

Growlers Pub, located at 3811 South Lindbergh opened in 1998 as a place where tasty cuisine and exotic beers could be found. Since then, it’s grown into a favorite of the St. Louis community. Growlers offers the friendly pub atmosphere for both the sports and non-sports fans alike.

The perfect way to start out any evening at Growlers is with a beer. Choosing the perfect beer is not that easy, considering that Growlers carries a selection of 132 different types of ale and lagers from around the world.

Sure, a few Bud products are on the menu, but so are beers from China, the United Kingdom, Brazil and many other exotic places. Some sampling of the many different types might be needed, so be prepared.

A great way to sample all the different types is by joining the beer-tasters club. Prizes and specials offers are available after reaching key points on the road to becoming a true beer connoisseur.

Growlers serves an extensive menu of munchies besides the catalog of available beverages . The menu offers numerous sandwiches, salads, burgers and appetizers.

The appetizer section offers a different twist on several favorites. The potato skins ($5.75) are not the usual. Instead, they are potato wedges coated in a variety of seasons and flour and then deep fried. A pepper-jack cheese sauce accompanies the wedges.

The wedges are crispy but still fluffy inside. The pepper-jack cheese sauce does a fine job for dipping, but sour cream on the side might have been a nice addition. In the end, it was a nice change from the same old appetizer.

The spinach-artichoke dip ($6.50) is another appetizer worth a try. It combines spinach, artichoke hearts, Monterey-Jack and parmesan cheeses. It’s served with corn tortilla chips. The dip is a collision of flavors and a light way to start off a meal or to munch on while just hanging out to have a few drinks.

The dinner menu is highlighted by a few favorites of patrons. Among those is the barbecue-pork sandwich ($5.95), which can easily compete with any in the city. Thick, tender pieces of pork cooked in a tangy sauce served on a beer and Cheddar bun. The sandwich will have you longing for summer barbecues.

The grilled chicken choices are plentiful with the artichoke-chicken Florentine ($6.75) leading the way. Growlers grills a marinated chicken breast and then tops it off with an excellent spinach-artichoke dip. The chicken breast is then piled on top of a beer and Cheddar bun. The chicken was moist, thanks to a great marinating job and not being overgrilled.

Parts of the dinner menu and the beer selection change every so often, providing one a chance to always try new things. Even though it does change, the most popular items are still available on the menu. Growlers also serves desserts, but since the meals are filling, patrons should make plans to save room.

The service at Growlers was quick and friendly. The waitress was never out of eye contact for more then a few minutes and serviced the needs of the table. The dinners were brought out in sufficient time after the appetizers, enabling you to finish one before starting the other.

Something can be found at Growlers for people of all ages, including those who are under 21. A sprawling patio with seating will be available as soon as the weather warms up.

For those nights that the big game is on, 15 TVs are situated throughout the restaurant. All major credit cards are accepted. The air quality is above average with sufficient space between smoking and non-smoking. Cigars are available for sale because unlike many restaurants, Growlers is cigar-friendly.

Growlers is an exciting place to try any night. The food prices are within the range that college students can handle, and best of all, it’s good.

So, the next time a hockey or baseball game is on, trot on out to Growlers and find out why it’s a favorite of the St. Louis community. As it says in its beer menu, “Beer is an improvement on water itself.”