Welcome Back Comedian David Cross draws criticism

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To the Editor:

On behalf of the Student Activities Board, we would like to express our sincere apologies in reference to the actions of performer David Cross during the 2001 Welcome Week comedy night.

Mr. Cross’ candor throughout his performance was offensive to the students of Saint Louis University as well as to the mission and ideology of the Catholic faith. Not only was his performance one that ran at the expense of everyone who attended the event, but it was also an entirely different display than the one we thought we were bringing to campus.

In addition to apologizing, SAB would like to congratulate the student body on holding itself to a higher standard, expressing their distaste by walking out on Mr. Cross’ offensive display. It is our hope that the student body can look back to the excellent events we have sponsored in the past. Rest assured that our upcoming 2001-2002 schedule will showcase events that will bring excitement and energy to the students of Saint Louis University. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year, and we wish you a fun and exciting year!

Student Activities Board

To the Editor:

In the past, the comedians selected by the SAB have provided some of the best entertainment available on campus, but I was disappointed and confused by the Student Activities Board’s bill-of-fare last Friday night.

David Cross, the headlining comedian of the night, performed an incredibly offensive set. Not only did Cross defame the Blessed Virgin Mary through a “joke” that portrayed her as a rapist, he also demonstrated an ability to offend his audience on a completely secular basis with his mocking attitude toward rape victims and comments about executing the retarded. The closest that Cross ever came to funny was with several sexually explicit “protest” songs that would need to cleaned up before they could even appear on the bathroom wall.

The only redeeming portion of the performance came when I witnessed my classmates’ firm reply to his offensive remarks. Students exited the room wholesale, sending a clear message that the students of Saint Louis University do live out the ideals of this Jesuit institution.

I only hope that this statement was not lost on Cross or the University at large.

Chris Schroeder