Laclede Mall meant for recreation

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It’s a street! It’s construction! No, it’s Astroturf!

Over the summer, a strip of Laclede Avenue, stretching approxamitely the length of Grand Forest apartments, was turned into a mall, complete with indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Denise Taylor, assistant vice president of Facilities Planning, clairified what exactly the space was being used for and why the University decided to install it.

Taylor said it was created as an outdoor recreational space. It is not meant for organized sports, but rather for pick-up games, intramurals and to create additional space for students to go out and enjoy the open area.

Basketball hoops are being installed in the inaccessible parking lot at Grand Forest to add to the possible activities available to students created by this space.

Taylor said the idea originated during a discussion among certain school authorities about the lack of available recreation space for the students. This space has been approved by the City of St. Louis and it meets all of the standards for the city code.

Taylor thinks students will enjoy this space and will consider it an asset. Students, however, seem to have mixed emotions.

Laura Gualdoni, a resident of Reinert Hall, said, “I don’t even know what it’s for. What are they doing?”

Gualdoni went on to say she didn’t see the purpose for the area.

“It seems like a waste of space, I mean, isn’t there something better that school can spend their money on?” she asked.