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If you could start college over again-return with an empty palate and clean reputation, but with the knowledge of a college experience that you’ve already lived-what would you do differently?They say that hindsight is 20-20 (they: the folks who’ve made it through this college thing). And, hopefully, with experience comes wisdom. While you may not be able to live those experiences again, you may pass them on as advice to those with less experience. This is the beauty of memory (and an annoying trait of older people who speak in trite phrases about hindsight).Approach your education vigorously. Engage yourself with your surroundings. And enjoy yourself. You have come to Saint Louis University to develop an understanding of your world, to give yourself opportunities otherwise unobtainable and-in fewer words-to become a better person.You’ve got a plethora of knowledge at your disposal. Take advantage of this. Take classes that interest you, more than just those required of you for a major or an application. Talk to your teachers outside of class. Approach them with your questions, your ideas, your self-you will not regret it.Let geography define your education: St. Louis is an incredible city. Be aware of the greater city and learn from the life around you. Don’t be afraid to leave these campus walls-so much of our education is outside. Walk north on Grand Boulevard and visit the Best Steak House-a SLU education wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the $4 steak sandwich on Texas toast. Walk west on West Pine to Rossino’s for a car-less and cozy-so perfect-date. Then, keep walking to the Central West End. Many SLU students don’t realize that relaxation is only a 20-minute walk away.Regardless of your religious beliefs, get to know the Jesuits. They make the University unique. Regardless of our identity in U.S. News or Princeton Review, our identity is first-and-foremost Jesuit. SLU thrives on that identity, and it defines the University’s role in this place. Don’t let geography define your friends. Get out of your dorm. Don’t let four walls confine-or define-your stay. If you’re ambitious, study abroad. Take your education even farther away.Get involved in the organizations that you find interesting. And search for your niche at this University. Remember: Life will not come to your dorm room. You must find it.Involving yourself will keep you satisfied with your school experience, even outside of the classroom. It will keep you learning and always finding something new and fascinating. It will keep you well rounded-this is the goal of an education. Take care of yourself. Be safe. Be smart. And become smarter. Most important: Enjoy yourself. If you’ve come to receive a college education to help you get a job someday, then make your avocation your vocation.As another school year begins, SLU is now your world.Remember: The world is yours.