Anne Coulter at Debate Discourages Real Dialogue

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To the Editor:

We are writing to express our disappointment with the Great Issues Committee for choosing Anne Coulter to debate with Donna Brazile. For those who choose to ignore the senseless rhetoric of pseudo-politicians like Coulter, here is a brief synopsis of her intolerant views: Coulter has said more than once that women should not be allowed to vote (the fact that her explanation for this was that it would ensure Republican victory hardly mitigates the statement). On the topic of Arab-American relationship, she suggests that “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity,” demonstrating a complete oversimplification of Middle Eastern politics. Her inflammatory remarks about liberals-that they “hate both God and America”-demonstrate her willingness to degrade instead of debate.

While neither of us hold conservative political views, we respect those who do, as long as their values do not promote prejudice or archaic thought on women’s rights. Furthermore, inviting Anne Coulter to represent the Republican Party would be like inviting Al Franken to represent the Democratic Party; both exploit partisan politics and shock value to make their supposedly “Republican” or “Democratic” points.

It is impossible that the Jesuit goal of engaging in thoughtful dialogue in order to bring about understanding and tolerance will be satisfied by Coulter’s presence. Anne Coulter’s poorly informed opinions, and sarcastic way of expressing them, will not make, we fear, for an intelligent and interesting debate.

The female speakers we bring to Saint Louis University are few. Why waste this opportunity on someone who so severely misrepresents her party and her gender?

Julie O’Heir

Senior, College of Arts and Sciences

Erica Irwin

Senior, College of Arts and Sciences