M?l?e makes new album

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How many bands get their name by randomingly picking it out of a dictionary? Not many! M?l?e, a new band based out of Orange County, has released a new album Devils & Angels in early April.

This band is made up of four friends: Rick Sans (guitar/vocals), Ryan Malloy (bass/vocals), Chris Cron (vocals/keyboards/guitar) and Mike Nader (drums).

“Ryan and I have known each other since kindergarten,” Sans said to The University News. “We met Chris in junior high. We became very close since growing up in Orange County; we were kind of the outcasts, since most of us were middle class. A lot of our classmates were driving around Mercedes and nice cars. Growing up around there was both good and bad. It was definitely interesting.”

The best way that Sans can describe the band is “chill.”

“We’re all really laid-back,” he said. “We’re all super-good friends. We don’t put the band before our friendships. We’re just enjoying spending time with each other and we just let the things with the band come what comes. And that’s really reflective in our sound. Our sound is upbeat and groovy at the same time.”

They have toured with bands such as Baysides, The Junior Varsity and “1985” hit songsters Bowling for Soup. “Bowling for Soup was like the older brother band,” Sans said. “They really looked out for us.”

M?l?e is currently touring with The Early November and The Rocket Summers while promoting their album Devils & Angels. The band likes to have a group hug, play “the word of the day” game and exchange handshakes before they hit the stage. And after a performance, they like to just watch movies, listen to music and watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“We’re a really chill band,” Sans said. “We’re, like, old; we watch Jay Leno and go to bed. We don’t really do anything too crazy.”

Sans offered some advice for anyone interested in becoming part of a band. “Be ready to work hard,” he said. “It can be really hard. You have to pay your dues before you can be successful.”

Their album Devils & Angels is a mixture of soul-searching and love, as well as a great soundtrack for hanging out with friends. The song “Built to Last” begins the album, starting it off wonderfully. The piano opens the track before breaking out into guitar and drums. The lyric “‘Cause this is real, and this is good. It warms the insides just like it should, but most of all it’s built to last” will make any hopeless romantic melt.

The song “Rhythm of Rain” is about Hurricane Katrina. M?l?e was in New Orleans a week prior to the storm hitting. The vocals with this song are beautiful, and the song is a great tribute to those who lost their lives in the hurricane.

The track “Can’t Hold On” is about a guy struggling to come to terms with the loss of a friend, and understanding what it means to not be stuck with his emotions. This song will inspire a good cry.

M?l?e’s Devils & Angels is a great album and is worth the buy.