Matt White: The rocking romantic with a heart of gold

The name Matt White is one that you should get to know. The classically trained artist is becoming well-known for his soulful, romantic lyrics and smooth, easy style. With the release of his new album Best Days (Geffen, Sept. 18), White hopes to achieve success and rock and shale the music scene to its core.

Originally from New Jersey, but currently living in New York City, White is from a musical family.

“I began to play piano at age 3,” White said. “I was classically trained with the piano. I began to learn guitar in college.”

White attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison-ever the romantic-for a girl. He later moved to New York City, to develop his musical skills.

He has a wide variety of musical inspirations that go into his music.

“I’m a big music fan,” White said. “[I love] Springsteen, Dylan, Elton John and a lot of other classic rock musicians.”

White is currently touring the United States promoting Best Days.

“I really enjoy going to every city,” White said. “I like meeting the fans and also taking in the local cuisine and activities.”

White will be coming to St. Louis to perform at Cicero’s in the Delmar Loop on Tuesday, Oct. 16. He is looking forward to returning.

“I can’t wait to go back [to St. Louis],” White said. “I really like going to Union Station. Also, I’m excited to [be] playing.”

The doldrums of constant traveling do not bother White. According to him, there is never a boring moment on the tour bus.

“We recently paid the drummer a couple hundred dollars to sit in the trailer in just his underwear,” White said. “It was so funny, and it was videotaped. It’ll be on the website soon.”

White, as much of a perfectionist as a romantic, took three-and-half years to write and record Best Days. The most difficult part was creating the perfect note.

“With music,” White said, “you have to hit just the right note and get it just perfect.”

White definitely hit all the right notes in this album. The album will make all who listen love it. White’s personal favorite is the song that starts off the album, “Play.”

“[‘Play’ has] a fun beat, and it is rooted in classic rock. It’s reminiscent of Led Zeppelin,” said White.

The combination of instruments coupled with White’s voice makes you want to be a New York girl.

With his new album, this romantic proves to be a rocker at heart.

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