The Spill Canvas proves to be a band to look out for

Musically charged and lyrically sound-these two phrases aptly describe South Dakota’s claim to fame, the alternative rock band The Spill Canvas.

The Spill Canvas is led by singer Nick Thomas, who grew up in South Dakota and had a gift for music.

According to the band’s official website, Thomas began recording his first song at age 15, which was financed by his father. After stints with local bands in and around Sioux Falls, Thomas returned to his solo roots, calling his effort The Spill Canvas.

Thomas sent demo tapes all around the United States before catching the attention of One Eleven Records owner Brad Fischetti, who helped Thomas put out his album Sunsets and Car Crashes that featured former members of The Spill Canvas. Sunsets helped Thomas gain a great amount of fans-enough, at least, to keep The Spill Canvas alive until Thomas was joined by Dan Lideman (guitar, vocals), Joe Beck (drums) and Landon Heil (bass).

The newly formed group recorded their debut album, One Fell Swoop (One Eleven, Aug. 9, 2005), which sold over 50,000 copies.

After signing with Sire Records, the band released their latest work, No Really, I’m Fine (Sire Record, Oct. 2). The Spill Canvas has toured in promotion of Fine with bands such as Motion City Soundtrack, Straylight Run, Mae and The Plain White T’s.

The band’s latest work is wonderfully crafted with songs about respect, love and the importance of appreciating life.

The song “Reckless Abandonment” starts the album off with a powerful opening, so much so that the power draws the listener further into the album as the members stick up their noses at the establishment and say that the band just wants to have a good time.

A few songs later, “Hush Hush” comes in as a musically driven beat with a catchy rhythm that can blast from your car stereo. The lyrics are meant to be screamed from the top of your lungs, speaking of a man whose girlfriend or wife is cheating on him and how it is killing him.

“One Thing Is For Sure,” considers a man that only knows one thing-that the girl he is singing about is the one for him. The beginning features a single guitar and later breaks into a drum rhythm that just makes you want to dance alongside Thomas.

The acoustic guitar coupled with Thomas’ voice in the final song, “Lullaby,” portray a mood that makes the listener feel loved, like the song is written for him or her. This song paints a picture of love in its purest form.

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