Winter Showcase in Motion

Life is not a GAP commercial, but the members of Phases of Motion are intent upon bringing back dance breaks.

The dance group will perform Saturday, Dec. 1, in Xavier Theatre in their hour-long Winter Showcase. Special guest performers include Bare Naked Statues, Melody of Praise Gospel Ensemble and dancers from the Indian Student Association. The event is free to the public.

“I hope we get a variety of attendees supporting all of the groups,” said Senior Caroline Landree, who has danced with Phases of Motions for two years. “I think it’s nice on SLU’s campus to represent all of the arts together because we have a smaller arts program.”

The chartered student organization did not have a Winter Showcase last year because all but one of the members had graduated, said Senior Jessica Anewalt, the remaining member who now operates as President and Treasurer of the group.

“It took us a little while to get a few dances together-at least enough for a showcase,” she said. “We’ve had a really interesting experience this semester.”

Phases of Motion, comprised of freshman through senior Saint Louis University students, danced at last year’s Relay for Life, Rock Out With Your Socks Out and Students United for Africa’s Dance-a-thon events. The group, which usually meets twice a week, plans to be involved with Relay again this year and hopes to have a spring show.

Anewalt said that the group will incorporate different choreographic techniques in the show, dancing to music from Fiona Apple, Santana, “The Nutcracker” and more.

“There’s no set style for Phases,” said Landree. “Each student brings something very individual.”

The audience can expect to see ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop and lyrical dance in the Showcase.