The Golden Dogs is a band born out of a dream-literally

A Canadian alternative rock band that has already made it big up north is hoping to wage the tails of audiences here in the United States. The band The Golden Dogs has been together so long that lead singer and guitarist Dave Azzolini could not pinpoint when they originally came together.

“I can’t even remember [when we started], to be honest,” Azzolini said. “It was a long time ago, but this band got together through different ways. We started the last album without our [current] drummer and bass player . we got some kind of resolution [with our current members] and that how this became Golden Dogs.”

Band members include Azzolini’s wife Jessica Grassia (keyboard), Taylor Knox (drums) and Stew Heyduk (bass). Their unusual name came about in a vision, of sorts.

“I had a dream about this see-through dog,” Azzolini said. “For some reason, I couldn’t stop petting it. Every time I petted it, this sound would come out of this dog … So then I woke up and wrote that story down about that see-through yellow dog. Then a couple of months later, when I needed a name, Jessica said ‘What about that story?’ So, that’s how [the name came] to be.”

If the name weren’t enough, Azzolini said that what really sets the Golden Dogs apart is the band’s performances.

“Our live show, for what I can gather, is what makes us unique,” Azzolini said. “It’s a high energy sort of thing, but very musical at the same time.”

The members are inspired by soundtracks from Wes Anderson films, Azzolini said, which includes music from the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and the Beatles.

“I’ve never actually sat down and defined [our sound],” Azzolini said. “The last three songs I’ve written were based on movies from the 1950s. I have a basic idea for a song that come out of whatever, and lately what’s been happening, the themes I’ve been choosing, have come from movies from the 50s.”

The band has been touring Canada and is currently touring the United States.

“It’s been even friendlier [in the states] than our tours in Canada,” Azzolini said. “Maybe it’s just people being warmer [like the] weather.”

The Golden Dogs released their second album Big Eye Little Eye (True North Records, Sept. 15, 2006) and are beginning their tour in promotion of the album in New York City. They are playing tonight at the Creepy Crawl; doors open at 7 p.m.