Grad student speaks out against comedian

As a student at St. Louis University, I was embarrassed when I read the event review, “Comedy Hits the BSC” (Sept. 18). Here is why: “Giraldo makes jokes at the expense of minority groups . And, no, they were not the types of jokes one could put in print.”

Action and the lack of action speaks. It says something about what we value and what we want to become. Financing opportunities to laugh at classes of people is intolerable. Student funds, university space and our collective time should not be given over to such things. It’s just wrong. Not because we are prudes, or because we hate humor, but because such an event does not lead us to be the type of people we want to become.

Why do we lack confidence to be different? Doesn’t SLU exist for the pursuit of truth? Should we not invite speakers who architect a culture that leads us to the greater glory of God and service to humanity? The facts: campus programming should aid us, rather than hinder us, to live up to who we say we are. A speaker might be funny, but at what cost?

In February 1944 the founder of The University News, Fr. Claude Heithaus, S.J., stood in the pulpit of College Church and decried racism. He and countless other heroes risked a voice that reminded us then of who we ought to be today. Our confidence to be different should come from this conviction.

How sad we have settled for less.

Ronny O’Dwyer, S.J.
Student, Saint Louis University Graduate School

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