Green River Ordinance sets out to sweep the nation with their bluesy, classic sound

Green River Ordinance hasn’t exactly been true to its namesake.

This Texas band is made of five friends from high school who just enjoy playing music together. The band consists of Josh Jenkins (vocals/guitar/piano), Geoff Ice (bass), Jamey Ice (guitar), Joshua Wilkerson (guitar) and Denton Hunker (drums).

According to their website, several of the members of GRO come from musical families.

Wilkerson’s dad played in bands that toured with The Beach Boys, Cheap Trick, The Guess Who and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Jenkins’ dad was a country singer and songwriter. The Ice brothers were raised by a music loving family and their dad has his own country western band. The brothers, however, began a different type of band with a different feel to it with a blues and classic rock feel like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

According to Jamey Ice, the band started collaborating in high school.

“I was 15 and Geoff was 13,” he said. “Then Josh [Jenkins] joined the band sophomore year. He brought a different sound with more of pop rock feel.”

The name of the band came from an unusual place, a sign in one of the band members’ garage.

“There was this sign that said Green River Ordinance,” Ice said, “We thought it sound cool and it just stuck. We found out later that this ordinance is in Wyoming that prohibits door-to-door solicitors. This is kind of ironic since we have to put ourselves out there very much like door-to-door salesman.”

When it comes to GRO’s sound, Ice had an interesting way of describing it.

“We are like the musical child of U2 and Tom Petty,” Ice said. “We are still very much like we were in the beginning with southern influence but we also have that fun pop rock feel.”

The band just released their album Out of My Hands (EMI/Virgin Records 2009). For this band, songs are born out of just what the band is feeling.

“It’s a very natural and organic process,” Ice said, “it is all kind of random and we really don’t have a set way of writing songs.”

The title song is one of these songs for the band to write together.

“It was the last song we wrote,” Ice said. “Josh had an idea and a chorus just came out. As it began to form, it in a way began to from what we as a band have come to. It’s all about how there are bigger things happening and you just have to let happen. Miracles happen and we are so gratefully for it.”

On this album, Ice’s favorite song is “Getting Older,” inspired by looking back at the legacy of Bruce Springsteen’s glory days.

“It’s fun and cool,” Ice said, “It’s about looking back after graduation and a feeling of nostalgic.”

GRO is currently on the last leg of their tour and are making a radio push for their single “Come On.”

Green River Ordinance is a band that will sell you with their sound, if give them the chance.

For more information about the band, including up-coming tour dates, and to hear a sample of the band’s music, visit or visti their MySpace at

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