Comedy act bring laughs to SLU

Students started the school year off with a laugh this week.

On Monday night, to a packed crowd in the Busch Student Center ballrooms, the Student Activities Board kicked off Welcome Week Celebrations with a stand up act by comedian Jeff Heffron. Heffron was the winner of the second season of NBC’s reality competition “Last Comic Standing.”

Though the opening act by comedian Matt Congi fell mostly flat to the audience of Saint Louis University students, Heffron came out soon after and saved the day, bringing a great sense of humor to the comedy-hungry crowd. He discussed, among other things, his college experience, his discomfort with being so much older than the crowd of undergraduates, the trials and tribulations of past relationships and how much power he has lost living in a house full of women.

Perhaps the highlight of Heffron’s routine was stories from his years growing up with a father who worked nights. He would lock the kids out of the house during the day so that he could get some sleep.

“I remember playing on this green box thing that hummed,” Heffron said, “That’s probably why I don’t have children.”

The audience was receptive to most of Heffron’s set, and his obvious comfort with performing on stage put the audience at ease.

At several points during his set, Heffron picked on audience members who were lucky-or unlucky-enough to sit in the front row. At one point, he noticed an audience member wearing a baseball hat that was off to the side and wondered aloud when people started wearing hats pointing in so many directions.

“I don’t understand why guys wear their hats sideways,” Heffron said, “It was either at 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock. Not at 3, 9, 10 o’clock.”

The audience interaction aspect of Heffron’s set was particularly well received, and the audience members called out by Heffron laughed just as much as everyone else.

Heffron was a good choice to open Welcome Week with his mix of observational humor and personal stories.

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