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Dear Saint Louis University – something is wrong

With the beginning of a new year, I find that I’m missing something. No, not the newest edition of my pathophysiology textbook; I’ve got that. What is missing are several of my friends. My question is, “SLU, where have my friends gone?” Did they graduate? No. Did you drop their chosen majors? Nope. Fail to give them adequate housing….well, no, not them.

You did none of these things, but you did fail at something far greater. You failed to keep them safe. Graduates of SLU are told that they’ll be sons and daughters of Saint Louis University forever; however, I’ve finally began to see how much you seem to value the “sons and daughters” you have here.

In the semester that I spent on SLU’s campus last school year, I saw more devaluing of fellow humans than I ever have. And what did you do? Nothing.
Your silences condoned the actions of the few spreading them to the masses.

Was it pride that kept you quiet about many of the matters? Or rather, would it have been legally unwise to speak up? Maybe you didn’t want to speak too soon and say the wrong thing?

Well, not saying anything is the wrong thing. You let the victims continue to be victimized, shunned, silenced and let those responsible be like wolves in victim’s clothing.

You ask those victimized to forgive so we could move on, but how can they forgive if they’re still not safe? It was here at SLU that I studied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, (if one’s basic need for safety is not being met she or he cannot forgive) and here at SLU where I watched as fellow humans’ basic need for safety was stolen from them.

You didn’t restore it, but in many cases increased their fear and became the danger.

Because of the lack of true care shown to each individual “son or daughter”, I watched as, one by one, my friends left to go home for the summer and decided that they couldn’t make themselves come back.

But SLU, you were the only one to get a real ‘goodbye’ because the rest of us got a ‘see you later,’ even so,‘SLU, I would like my friends back’

-Theresa Meinert, junior, School of Nursing

SGA sends out survey polling students’ opinions on Pius Library renovations

Recently, students were emailed a survey concerning their satisfaction with Pius Library.  The result was tremendous.  We received over 1,200 responses providing an overwhelming statement that Pius is not currently meeting the needs of students.

The vitality of the student voice cannot be emphasized enough, especially when presenting to the Administration. After researching the top facilities at other Jesuit schools’ libraries, our plan is to develop a first-class student study space.
We have the students to thank for legitimizing this need, and we hope to keep communication between SGA and constituents open to make this project a success.

-Caroline Rutledge, Fusz Hall Senator, Chair, Safety and Security Concerns Committee