A call to The University News

In the last edition of The University News, there were a handful of mistakes regarding the front-page article on SLU/FUSED. Most obviously, the article called the organization SLU-Fuse. The acronym for Saint Louis University for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity is ‘SLU/FUSED.’
In addition, there were a handful of typos and minor misquotes throughout the report. I want to make clear that the grievances expressed here are not a representation of the SLU/FUSED task force, but just the author. In addition, this is not addressed at one specific person, but rather the entire newspaper. I am completely aware of human error, and more than understand the innocence in making such mistakes. Therefore, I do not wish to harp on these errors.
That being said, however, I do want The University News to use this moment as a chance to further improve reporting on this campus. Thankfully, this article’s mistakes were minor errors and can easily be corrected. This cannot, though, become the precedent for this newspaper. SLU is at a time when communication among students, administration and faculty is critical.
There are many issues that we as a campus must address honestly. Socio-economic diversity is one of them. Misrepresentation and misreporting of facts only hinders an already-difficult task. I hope that The UNews uses this article as a ‘teaching moment.’
We as a student body rely on this paper to report to us the happenings on a bustling campus. By giving you this trust, we assume that articles will be well-researched and accurately represented. Please, as an institution, hold yourselves to these same standards.

-Matthew Ryan, School of Public Health Senator

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