A flurry of activity vivifies SLU as officers and students collaborate on public safety

 Peony Lee / Illustrator

Peony Lee / Illustrator

Peony Lee / Illustrator

In our many travels between social, academic and domestic spheres, we form a college bubble where we nestle comfortably in our homely routines. Our bubble here at Saint Louis University was breached last year with security concerns and a few jolting incidents.

Concerns about our safety arose, and many students went home over the summer wondering whether SLU were as safe a bubble as they had thought. This year, SLU students can breathe easier during those late-night walks back from the library. The Department of Public Safety and Security Services has established its presence more firmly and more amiably on campus than in previous years.

Personal stories of affable conversations with DPSSS officers have accumulated, as they have increased their presence among students. We not only see them patrolling at night, but we also see them during passing periods and other times of day.

Their active presence has helped us feel more comfortable in calling SLU our home. Increased officer patrols and geniality fit into a larger flurry of activities that the administration and DPSSS have fostered on campus.

We can see the quickened energy and efficiency that our new DPSSS Director Roland Corvington has brought to this key organization, and it is a most refreshing and appreciated change of pace. The chariot cruiser that was spotted recently, for example, is one such innovation.

It serves as a test project that will help DPSSS determine the efficacy of improving officer patrols with these new-age vehicles called Trikes; by experimenting with high-tech security options, DPSSS is truly honing the focus on student, faculty and staff safety and expanding its potential.

Adding to this is a mapped out plan for improving the efficiency of daily tasks for officers.

Student Government Association is similarly flexing its bureaucratic muscles with its new Safety and Security Concerns Committee.

It focuses on addressing student safety from the student perspective; this added dimension to the implemented policies of DPSSS bolsters our confidence that student safety holds genuine, ponderous weight on the busy planners of SLU administrators and SGA senators.

The steady culmination of these progressive measures brings us to the bright threshold of an exciting idea: We can reasonably and confidently say that the SLU administration has actively listened to the needs of students.

We can clearly see that our safety is a priority for those in leadership positions on campus, and that we will not be ignored. This harmonious collaboration of administrators and students stands proudly as a laudable achievement in our eyes, and we are more excited than ever to be a part of an increasingly safer SLU community.

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