Students need to actively seek advisers and participate in campus events

Editor’s Note: This is in response to the editorial “Billiken magic vanishes for currents students, leads to disenchantment” published in the Sept. 30 issue.

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in the members of our student body that do not take advantage of all of the programs, activities and opportunities that Saint Louis University has to offer its students.

As a University Ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admission, I can attest that they are doing a fantastic job of recruiting students to our campus. The Office hires the best and brightest employees- in turn, they recruit the best and brightest students.

As a two-time SLU 101 Summer Orientation Leader and the current president of Oriflamme, I have seen the “grandeur of Welcome Week” from behind the scenes, and know just how much work goes into making these programs run so successfully.

Although I have worked extensively with prospective and first-year students, I am a member of several other organizations, participate in the numerous programming activities that are put on by various departments and take advantage of all of the services and opportunities SLU has to offer.

When I am giving campus tours, I am often asked to identify my least favorite part about SLU, and my honest answer is that I feel as though SLU has so many things going on that it becomes difficult to choose an activity.

This is a problem that arises for people like you, and for others who share your apathetic viewpoint.

SLU has so many highly-qualified academic programs, impressive student organizations, large-scale events and well-known and caring faculty members.

If you have not felt the love, care and dedication that comes from the people who work here, then you must not get out much.

Maybe it’s time you leave your room and experience all that campus has to offer.

There are a number of ways for students to get connected and remain connected to SLU, but you must take that initiative to get involved: join a Chartered Student Organization, go to a SLU-sponsored event, go speak with a professor.

I feel as though I am not a member of the “faceless crowd of current Billikens” because I have chosen to get involved and give back to this campus everything that it has given me.

I took the initiative and have grown through my experiences as a leader on campus.

I am confident that I will be able to look back on my college years and know that SLU made an impact on my life forever.

-Keeley Farmar is a senior in the John Cook School of Business.