Education Union and track accentuate Health Sciences campus

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The new Education Union building at the Health Sciences Campus contains state-of-the-art facilities available to both undergraduate and graduate students alike. Shah (Yuqing Xia) / Photo Editor

This fall, students at the Saint Louis University Health Sciences campus will be greeted with two sparkling additions. A 30,000 square foot Education Union and NCAA regulated stadium have been added to the Health Sciences Campus.

“I’m very excited about the additions. I look forward to using both the track and education center often while I am at the Med Campus for class,” junior Nursing student Nora O’ Connell said.

The Education Union includes a study space, a student lounge, a 225-seat computerized lecture hall, a café and a state-of-the-art Patient Simulation Center, which gives students opportunities to participate in diagnostic and communication simulations with actors who serve as patients.

The Education Union also hosts the Office of Inter-Professional Education, which allows students from various colleges at the Health Sciences Campus to collaborate and interact.

The NCAA regulated stadium includes an eight-lane running track and circles a regulation-size soccer field. The stadium will host both club sports and intramurals and will also serve as the home field of the Billikens Track and Field teams.

“I think it is a big plus,” Vice President of the Health Sciences Campus and Dean of the School of Medicine Phillip Alderson said.

“I think it adds a real additional vitality to the Medical Campus,” Alderson said “It will be a wonderful facility for not only the students and faculty of various schools and colleges on campus, but also the home of intramural activities.”

Although construction on the Grand Bridge, which links the Health Sciences Campus to the Frost Campus, has yet to be completed, Alderson said he does not believe that it will prevent students from accessing the new facilities. Alderson said that there are now three shuttles that take students from the Frost Campus to the Health Sciences Campus.

The first shuttle travels from the BSC to the Health Science Campus and makes stops along the way. This shuttle has been used by students traveling between the two campuses since the beginning of the Grand Bridge construction. The second shuttle is an express shuttle, stopping only at the BSC and the Health Sciences Campus.

“I have heard people being very positive about the availability and reliability of the shuttles and I think it has been a real plus,” Alderson said.

In addition to the two shuttles, a third will begin running at the start of the fall semester. Mainly for intramurals, this shuttle runs later at night, transporting students from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“I think that we will be transporting people with a fair amount of convenience and people will learn to enjoy that,” Alderson said.