Cards close to getting 11 in ‘11

Something about the 2011 World Series feels odd.  Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet that the St. Louis Cardinals are playing for the championship. Maybe it’s the feeling of destiny: The Cardinals, should they win, would have 11 world championships; it takes 11 wins to take the title and it’s 2011. What a coincidence. Or maybe it’s because I’m spoiled. After all, we were just in the Series five years ago.

Maybe it’s all the above – and more.

The 2011 World Series was destined to be historical. The Cardinals flew out of oblivion,  and took down the favored Philadelphia Phillies and then the much-touted Milwaukee Brewers to get here. But this Series has been so much more. Between the Rally Squirrel, the bullpen shuffle, and Albert Pujols’ masterful performance in Game 3, this Series has been magical.And they are so close. Much will be written about how this Cardinals team should have never made it. So much more will be written about what they accomplished in the postseason. This could be the best Cardinals team to ever compete for a title. With their backs against the wall, Tony La Russa’s Redbirds never lost hope. And the city of St. Louis is ready to parade for No. 11. We are so close.
Let us close with a prayer, shared by a friend:

Our Father, who art in St. Louis,  baseball be thy game. Thy will be done, the World Series will be won, on the field, as well as in the bullpen. Give us this day our bat and glove, and forgive us our errors, as we forgive those who home-run against us. Lead us not into defeat, but help us beat the Rangers. In the name of the fans, Albert Pujols, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Amen.

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