St. Louis Concerts: Delmar Loop holds world-ranked concert venue

Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Lauryn Hill, Phoenix, Bon Iver and Matisyahu. What do all of these award-winning artists and bands have in common? They have all played at The Pageant.

The Place 

Located at 6161 Delmar Blvd. in the St. Louis Delmar Loop, The Pageant is a premier club venue that shakes its fists and says “nay” to the thought that live music in this city is a thing of the past. While celebrating its 10th anniversary and getting ready to step into its 11th in October, this stronghold for the music scene is also joyously beating the drum of better times than ever. In fact, in Pollstar’s Top 100 Club Venues in the World for 2010, The Pageant took fourth, just behind venues in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Brussels, Belgium.

The Pageant was constructed with the music lover in mind. The capacity for this venue ranges from approximately 1,000 to 2,300 people, depending on which show is playing. No matter where listeners sit- the furthest from the stage is 75 feet away -“There isn’t a bad seat in the house,” the venue boasts on its website. The building houses a dance floor, balcony seating for folks ages 21 and older, comfortable seating surrounding the dance floor and standing area just about everywhere else. The venue culminates to create the perfect environment to see live music the way it ought to be seen.

The Music 

The Pageant is continually bringing great music to the ears of St. Louisans, anywhere from Grammy Award-winners and nominees, all the way to local artists getting their foot in the door of the music industry.If music lovers ever were to get a fever for some live tunes, The Pageant has got the prescription. On any given week, the venue offers three or more shows for an affordable price. And, speaking of shows, The Pageant has got a plethora of talent coming our way in the next several months.

When the temperatures drop in October, The Pageant heats up. Death Cab for Cutie, Arctic Monkeys, Beirut, Lucinda Williams, Brett Dennen, Matt Nathanson, Chromeo, Mayer Hawthorne and the Drive-By Truckers will all be stopping by this fall. If none of these names catch attention, there is an act for that. The Pageant plays hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, dubstep, folk, country and R&B.

The Extra

Besides being a great place for live music, The Pageant also features The Halo Bar and Suite 100. For those looking solely to get their groove on, the Halo Bar has disc jockeys that spin on a year-round basis on nights when no shows are scheduled. Suite 100, the merchandise shop where bands set up after the show, is a “sweet” place to stop by and support the artists after their performances.

So, if you are desiring affordable shows from amazing musicians at a venue so intimate that the sweat from the lead singer’s brow will most likely fall upon the crowd, then head to The Pageant.

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