Let Us Introduce You: Kathleen Cadigan

Minghao Gao / Staff Photographer

Minghao Gao / Staff Photographer

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With Student Government Association elections soon approaching and tensions running high, senior Kathleen Cadigan holds all the power as this year’s election commissioner.

Minghao Gao / Staff Photographer

Cadigan has been involved with SGA since coming to SLU as a freshman. During this time, she has held various positions, including chief officer her sophomore year, putting her in charge of the entire staff. Now, she holds a position as a commuter student senator.

As a triple major in political science, international studies and legal studies, it would appear that Cadigan has time for little else. Yet, she manages to stay involved in even more organizations and activities.

Cadigan is an intern at the World Affairs Council, which is sponsored by the State Department. The program deals with international topics and hosts ambassadors from all over the world.

Her involvement in leadership roles is nothing new. Before attending SLU, Cadigan attended the Global Leadership Conference in Beijing. From her participation arose the opportunity to attend the inauguration of President Obama and the following Youth Ball.

From the moment Cadigan became a Billiken, she has been distinguished from the student body. During her freshman and sophomore years, she was involved with SGA and the Residence Hall Association. In addition, she is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and directs Anchorsplash, the sorority’s main philanthropy event in the spring.

Cadigan is presently devoting precious time to applying to law school, as well as a one-year Master’s program. The graduate program would focus on international peace and security or international relations. As her top choice for future plans, the Master’s program would take Cadigan to London.

Working as the election commissioner for SGA, her days are currently filled with recruiting students to run in the upcoming elections and working to ensure that elections go smoothly. Her duties will be at their height for the next month and half, working closely with the election commission and making this year’s election the most captivating yet.

“As a senator I represent the needs of my constituents,” Cadigan said. “As election commissioner I strive not only to have a fair election but one that is appealing to all students.”

Despite her enthusiasm for the job, Cadigan admits that it is not the easiest.

“The hardest part of the job is when the heat of the elections comes and things get tense between the tickets,” Cadigan said. “I have to stay fair and neutral while not playing favorites. I cannot endorse any ticket and have to take myself out of the situation. I know things will run smoothly though, because I have a really great commission this year.”

Cadigan wants to make sure that this year’s elections distinguish between senate and executive elections. She wants senators to shine in the elections just as well as the tickets and to make sure that no person, ticket or idea is overlooked.

“I am really passionate about SGA and the elections because SLU has the unique aspect of shared governance. I know that whomever is elected will have a lasting impact on SLU and I can look back knowing I helped make that happen.”