Campaign 2012: Meet the candidates

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Campaign 2012: Meet the candidates

Alexander Salazar- Audeo Presidential Candidate

Alexander Salazar- Audeo Presidential Candidate

Alexander Salazar- Audeo Presidential Candidate

Alexander Salazar- Audeo Presidential Candidate

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  Blake Exline-Limitless Presidential Candidate 

  Sophomore in the School of Public Health

  Major: Health Management

  SGA Involvement: Griesedieck Senator, Residential Affairs Committee Co-Chair

 Extracurricular Activities: Decadence a Capella and Internal VP for Public Health Undergraduate Student Association

  Reason for Running: To serve students

  Hometown: Indianapolis, In.

  Fun Fact: There is a small town in Iowa called Exline – named after his great grandfathers who were the founders.




  Alexander Salazar- Audeo Presidential Candidate 

  Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences

  Major: English

  SGA Involvement: Black Student Alliance Senator, Chair of Constitutional Review and Rules, Chair of Policy Review

  Extracurricular Activities: Mock Trials and Black Student Alliance

  Reason for Running: Students need a choice

  Hometown: Dallas, Texas

  Fun Fact: Working on being ambidextrous




  • Yiqing Huang- VP for International Affairs
  • Keilah Johnson- VP for Student Organizations
  • Vidur Sharma- Finical Vice President
  • Richard Joubert- Academic Affairs Vice President
  • Sean Worley- Vice President of Diversity and Social Justice
  • Elizabeth Alberty- Vice President for Internal Affairs
  • Bo Peng- Vice President for International Affairs
Senate Candidates:
Heather Brocksmith, Arts and Sciences
Elysa Cash, Education and Public Service

Nathaniel Conner, Arts and Sciences

Jeff DeSmidt, School of Medicine

Connor Doherty, Doisy College of Health Sciences

-Laura Frye, Arts and Sciences

-Rebecca Glasgow, Arts and Sciences

Patrick Grillot, Arts and Sciences

Alexander Intagliata, Commuter

Ann Knezetic, Marguerite and Pruellage Halls

Roya Massoudnia, Commuter

Ryan McKinley, Arts and Sciences

Blake O’Connor, Arts and Sciences

Colin Pajda, Arts and Sciences

Kunjan Patel, Marchetti Towers

Sambit Pattanaik, Commuter

Michael Roundcount, Commuter

Quanyce Smith, Commuter

Jessica Stearns, Arts and Sciences