Editorial Board elects new editor in chief, Brian Boyd

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Brian Boyd, a junior, never thought in his wildest dreams  did he think he would become editor-in-chief of The University News. 

“I didn’t foresee my involvement being what it is now,” Boyd said. “I just kept writing for The UNews, and eventually, I got here… It’s an honor.”

Despite taking his work seriously, Boyd admits that a large part of working in The University News’ office is having fun, he said.

“We work hard and we do a good job, but we’re also just a bunch of goofballs,” Boyd said, “It’s a good environment for being such a stressful business. Everyday is an adventure.”

Regardless of his capabilities, Boyd has his peers to thank for his success, he said.

“Without [my friends’] support, keeping me on the even keel, I definitely wouldn’t be here,” Boyd said. “And I definitely wouldn’t be here without my mom.”

Five candidates applied for the positon and after five and a half hours of interviews and deliberation,  the current Editorial Board made the decision to vote for Boyd.

Staff members who are involved with The UNews such as Web Coordinator and Student Development administrator, Laura Thompson, Assistant Vice President of Student Developmen,t Leanna Fenneberg, Business Advisor, Don Highberger also attended to provide assistance in the election process. He will succeed current editor-in-chief graduating senior Jonathan Ernst.

“He has a really good head on his shoulders, and I think he has a lot of qualities that will make him a strong leader for The University News,” Ernst said, “That’s why he was elected.”

Boyd began writing news and sports columns as a sophomore in high school, he said, and prior to enrolling at SLU he took part in The University News’ freshman entry program. The program, which took place three days before classes officially started, introduced students to writing for the campus paper.

From there, Boyd continued to write for the paper as a staff writer, was promoted to sports editor and then to news editor.

“They had this program where you come to SLU three days early and just hang out with The UNews– get some journalism training and see the city. I decided to go for it,” Boyd said, “[Now] I’m going on six years of journalism experience as a writer, and this is going on my second year as an editor,” he said.

In addition to continuing programs put in place this year, such as UNews podcasts and the “Billiken Minute,” Boyd intends to strengthen the paper’s relationship with SLU alumni, some of whom are prominent journalists today, he said.

Boyd, a Chicago native, is a student in the John Cook School of Business studying Finance and Accounting. He said that he hopes to continue to provide quality journalism for the SLU community and build a strong staff while keeping The UNews a successful publication.