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Ensemble rom-com explores male brain

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Rules of romantic relationships parodied in ‘Think Like a Man’

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“Think Like a Man,” a romantic comedy directed by Tim Story, debuted on Friday, April 20. The film revolves around four couples that experience the ups and downs of relationships. As the saying goes, “Love is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

This saying rings true because, although love can be a beautiful thing, it has its downfalls. Men, in particular, find out how difficult it is to pursue women that are brainwashed, so to speak, by Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

“Think Like a Man” is a glimpse of what real life is all about, in terms of relationships. Fighting, breaking up, getting back together, rekindling old romance and starting anew are all part of the relationship process.

This film depicts realistic relationships where insecurities surface for the other partner to see.

Harvey’s advice stirs up conflict within these relationships, because the couples are playing “mind games.” Men, as well as women, play mind games in order to teach their partner a lesson.

But once couples come to the realization that they cannot live without each other, they profess their love for one another and try to make their relationship work. This element of self-realization proves to be an underlying theme in almost every romance film.

The talented and comical cast, starring Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Steve Harvey, Meagan Good and Romany Malco, makes this film very appealing.

Hart’s crazy antics and witty remarks bring humor and entertainment to the film. His work as a comedian shines throughout the film. Hart is by far the funniest actor, alongside Harvey.

This film brings the funny, all the while keeping a serious tone during scenes in which the couples are arguing, reflecting on their relationships and contemplating their long-term goals.

“Think Like a Man” was devised to appeal to hopeless romantics and to those who are diehard fans of comedians Hart and Harvey and other popular celebrities, such as Chris Brown and Wendy Williams.

Critics might point out that “Think Like a Man” resembles a clichéd relationship comedy similar to Tyler Perry’s film “Why Did I Get Married?” Others might see this film as a long comedy that lacks any real depth, and continuously promotes Harvey’s book, which turns all the attention from the film to him.

Although critics may have a point about Harvey’s self-promotion, the film still offers moviegoers three things: comedy, drama and romance.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a “perfect man.” But women should not get off that easy, because they are not perfect beings, either. This film highlights the fact that men and women are both at fault for problems in a relationship.

“Think Like a Man” gives valuable insight into how men and women sabotage their relationships without being aware of it. This movie serves as a guide to fixing and building healthy relationships.

The film is not only entertaining, but it also offers life lessons that are important to take note of. One lesson is that it should be a top priority to tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

This romantic comedy underlines the beauty of love, but love will only survive if both partners are willing to compromise in order for their relationship to blossom.

Time is of the essence, and moviegoers might learn a thing or two from this particular film.

“Think Like a Man” is a must-see film that is guaranteed to make you burst out in laughter.


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Ensemble rom-com explores male brain