Let us introduce you: Matt Shelly

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First year graduate student Matt Shelly came to Saint Louis University expecting to lay the foundation for a successful legal career. In the meantime, he had to pick a major. After some deliberation at the end of his sophomore year, he settled on Accounting. Who knew that three years later he would be striving towards a master’s degree, serving as president for the University’s national business information organization, and interning at a prestigious accounting firm?

Shelly is nearing completion of his Masters of Accountancy degree in the John Cook School of Business. A Texas native, Shelly attended the Jesuit College Prepatory School of Dallas, where he enjoyed the opportunity to “not worry about what he had to wear, and instead just pull a shirt out of my closet”.

Shelly said he chose to attend SLU for, among other reasons, to continue his Jesuit education which he began in high school.

“The Jesuits are very dedicated to education, across the country and the world. They focus not just on academics, but developing you as a whole person and a well-rounded person, “ Shelly said. “My high school had a profile of a Jesuit person that they hoped we would become when we left the school. They want us to be well rounded people not only in textbooks, but in life.”

Shelly stayed active during his undergraduate years at SLU, participating in the Micah program and Beta Alpha Psi, SLU’s chapter of the national honors organization for Accounting, Finance and Information Technology students. Shelly said that although not required beyond freshman year, he stayed active in the Micah program and volunteered through his senior year.

“I really enjoyed the sense of community I had in high school, so I wanted to see if I could find a group where I could have something similar,” Shelly said. “The Micahs are very community oriented and service oriented.”

Shelly said that he had always been good at math, and gravitated towards accounting. During his managerial accounting class sophomore year, he realized that he had a knack for the profession.  He also said that the overlap between taxes and law drew him towards accounting.

This past year, Shelly was elected to serve as President of Beta Alpha Psi. He said that the organization stresses not only community among like-minded students, but also ethics and service.

“We really focus on those topics and it’s part of what service us, understanding the community and realizing that you are only one small piece and have a certain duty to the rest of humanity to use whatever skills you may have to better the world,” Shelly said.

Among Shelly’s favorite accomplishments at SLU is his intramurals success.

“I’ve played a lot of intramurals, and got myself a job refereeing intramurals,” Shelly said. “I think I’ve been a part of four championship teams. I still have to pick up a t-shirt for my dodge ball championship.”