Let us introduce you: Josephus Andreoni

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Let us introduce you: Josephus Andreoni

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Senior Joe Andreoni walked into a meeting to be profiled for his debut in The University News wearing a dress shirt and a bow tie. When questioned about his attire, he offered the motto which he lives by:

“Hey man, look good, play good, you know?”

Andreoni mulled over the influences that led him to the where he is today, standing at the precipice of graduation at Saint Louis University. He spoke of his youth in “the mean streets of Milwaukee…the south side of Milwaukee” and the road he took to get to SLU. He said that his perspective on career and society wasn’t shaped by parents and mentors. Instead, the wrestling heroes of his youth gave him a viewpoint that kept him strong along his journey.

“A big influence on me was Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was a revolutionary. He didn’t take a whole lot of crap from anyone, even his boss. He stuck it to the man and set his own rules,” Andreoni said.

Andreoni wasn’t only looking for toughness. He said he admires persistence and someone who can stay tough and do their job every day.

“Another one was Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley,” Andreoni said. “He had that never say die attitude. He got beat up all the time and never gave up. He showed up with broken ribs and his arm in a sling and said, ‘Let’s go.’ I also liked his beard and sock puppets.”

Andreoni came to SLU after graduating from Marquette High School and was interested in helping people. He said that serving others always been one of his focuses in life, one that fits in with his parent’s wishes to attend a Jesuit University.

Andreoni said he began his time at SLU in the Micah program, but the highlight of his college career was with the SLU Club Rugby team. Andreoni played in high school, but said he invested most of his free time in the team and enjoyed it. He served as the treasurer of the team sophomore year, and the president his junior year and the fall semester of 2011.

“My service project became the rugby team after my sophomore year,” Andreoni said, jokingly. “We’ve gone to a lot of cool places to play rugby. I got to chill in San Diego and play rugby. That’s a good gig. That, and my teammates are awesome.”

Academically, he felt that studying Criminal Justice would direct him towards his goal of helping others. He also is minoring in history, but he said “I’ll know for sure on Monday.” His goal is to become a police officer and eventually become a federal law enforcement official.

“I’ve always had a respect for police officers. I also don’t want to be stuck in an office the rest of my life. I want to be fighting crimes and saving lives,” Andreoni said.

He also added that he was influenced by Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the 2003 movie S.W.A.T. and some of the police officers he encountered growing up in Milwaukee. He has been an intern with the Chesterfield Police Department  since the fall.

“It was a good gig. I met a lot of really professional officers. They’re really courteous, intelligent and good at what they do, the type of cops I want to be,” Andreoni said.

Before ending, Andreoni mentioned his affinity for Salsarita’s cuisine. When pressed for a reason, he replied curtly.

“Do I even need to explain?”