Top 10 summer wardrobe staples

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Summer is all too often about relief from the muggy heat and less about fashion; why can’t both be killed with one fatal stone? I’ve compiled my list of 10 clothing and accessory staples that are vital for any summer wardrobe, all while keeping you cool from the heat.


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1. Keds (Pictured left)

If you’re looking for a light, fun alternative to the typical summer footwear, Keds are a great option. Coming in a limitless variety of colors, patterns and styles, there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s desire. These shoes are fashionably versatile as they can be worn to dress-down sundresses or paired with a laid-back outfit of shorts and tank-top; they can even be worn with a swimsuit if flip-flops just aren’t your thing.

Keds look great with virtually everything. Te challenge isn’t trying to find out how they can be incorporated into your wardrobe, but which color you should buy.

2. Funky jewelry

Sweltering summer days don’t usually lend themselves to creating interesting outfits; typically the only items you can handle on your body without feeling suffocated are shorts and a light top. To spice up a bland outfit try pairing it with some funky, unique jewelry. Earrings are a great option that won’t stick to your already annoyed skin.

3. White Tank-Top

A simple, basic, white tank-top is a great staple to have in your closet for summer. It is lightweight and can be paired into countless different outfits. It lends itself well to a casual shorts outfit or dressing down a skirt for a daytime outing.

4. Sunhat

Investing in a great sunhat is a summer must. The season calls for a lot of time spent outdoors, whether it’s going to music festivals, relaxing at the pool or joining your friends for a picnic. I think at this point everyone is aware of the effects of excessive sun exposure, so I won’t reiterate. What I will emphasize, however, is that sunhats can be very fashionable and act as a great accessory.

5. Wedges

Sometimes high heels seem a little over-dressed for an ordinary summer afternoon. If you really want the height, wedges are a great alternative. There are countless styles to choose from that fall under the umbrella of wedges; a strappy sandal version with a lightweight heel is a great casual option for a day to night option during the warm summer months.

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6. Sunglasses (Pictured right)

A good pair of sunglasses can really add a lot of flair to an outfit. The greatest part is that you can wear this accessory every day without quickly tiring them out. As an added bonus to their fashionable qualities, sunglasses help to prevent squinting in the bright sunlight, which may lead to unsightly crows-feet.


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7.  Mint Green Nail Polish (Pictured left)

Wearing sandals and open-toed shoes so often during the summer requires that you have a variety of interesting nail polish selections from which to choose. One of the biggest trends for this season is a beautiful mint green; it is funky enough to be youthful and free-spirited, but it isn’t too outrageous.

8. Headbands

With summer often comes humidity. No matter how hard you try and how many products you buy, it’s often a losing battle. This is why it’s always useful to have a couple cute headbands or headscarves on hand. It’s comforting to know that when you wake up and discover that your hair is frizzy and completely unruly that you have a fashionable backup rather than just having to accept that you have to go in public with an outrageous up-do.


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9. Toe Rings (Pictured right)

This summer, it seems that toe rings are making a comeback. Believe me, no one is more excited about this than I am. With your feet so often exposed during the warm summer months, it only seems logical that you would show them the same attention as the rest of your body. Toe rings add a fun, youthful air to whatever outfit you’re wearing.

10. Summer Dress

Did you really think I would write a list of summer staples and leave out the summer dress? I can’t get enough sundresses; they are so simple to throw on during the morning rush. Absolutely no effort is needed on your part, but the result is a fashionable, put-together outfit. The best dresses for summer are lightweight, airy and have a lot of bright colors and big patterns.


Hopefully this will be helpful in surviving the muggy summer months in style. You know what I’ll be wearing.