SLU Students Displaced by Lindell Fire – Building declared a total loss

Photo by Allison Smith

Updated: 10:49 AM 7/19/2012

Fires burned through the night Tuesday at the 3949 Apartment complex on Lindell Blvd.  The fire started shortly after 7 PM in a penthouse unit on the fourth floor of the building.  Within an hour, the fire had spread to five alarms and 160 firefighters were on the scene.  The “light construction” of the complex allowed the fire to spread quickly from the fourth floor penthouse, to the attic, and along the roofline.  The flames could be seen from I-64 and the smoke could be seen for miles as far north as Florissant, MO.

Around 8 PM, all firefighters were evacuated for safety reasons concerning the structural integrity of the building due to the fire and water load.  Sometime after the evacuation, the fourth and third floors collapsed into the second floor.  Debris from the roof could be seen jutting out of the windows on the second floor.  St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson held a news conference around 10 PM stating that the fire was under control and that firefighters would be on the scene throughout the night.

The complex has 197 units and roughly 100 people were evacuated including many SLU students.  No injuries have been reported.  The Humane Society of Missouri took in all rescued pets at their Macklind location.  Firefighters swept the building for people and pets multiple times finding no victims as of Wednesday morning.  The residents of the complex were offered lodging by the Coronado and Holiday Inn Viking.  Marguerite Hall was opened up by the university for students displaced by the fire.  According to the 3949 Apartments’ Facebook page, the building is a total loss and all current and future leases have been canceled with refunds being available for July’s rent and all deposits.  Fire victims can call 314-446-4501 for help.

“Current & Future Residents, we are now able to say that the entire building has been destroyed. We will be refunding all of July’s rent, all deposits and pre-paid items. Checks can be picked up from us on Friday this week. A letter will be going out to assist with insurance claims. All leases current and future will be cancelled at this time.”3949 Facebook Page


Affected students should stay tuned to 3949’s Facebook Page by Clicking Here

For Displaced Students:

SLU students should contact the Department of Public Safety or ResLife. SLU is providing rooms at Marguerite Hall. The DPS phone number is (314) 977-3000 and the ResLife phone number is (314)977-2811

For International Students:

International students and scholars can call International Services at 314-977-2318 to get help with lost documentation or making contact with their embassies or consulates.


Parking and Card Services will provide replacement SLU IDs at no charge. For information, call 314-977-3471.Persons displaced by this incident can show a SLU ID at a local Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain a replacement driver’s license or identification card.

Temporary Parking:

Temporary Parking: Displaced students or employees should contact Parking and Card Services at 314-977-3471 for assistance.


The Center for Service and Community Engagement is collecting donated items (clothing, toiletries, etc.) for the SLU community members affected by the fire. For more information, call 314-977-4105. Monetary donations are being accepted by the Red Cross at 314-516-2700

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