SGA discusses faculty and administrative issues

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The highlight of this week’s Student Government Association meeting was a presentation by Senators Becky Killian and Andrew McLaughlin voicing student grievances.

Killian and McLaughlin detailed continued issues with SLU’s standing amongst other universities and administration-student communication.

Amongst the grievances were concerns with the the failure to bring in adequate funding compared to other schools. According to the presentation, gifts over the past 10 years have not risen above 1.9 percent of market value, while the average at other schools has remained between 2 and 3.5 percent.

Another complaint was the lack of student involvement in important issues until after decisions have been made. Issues mentioned were the housing and security reforms last year, as well as the creation of the College for Public Health and Social Justice. Killian highlighted that the complaints were not against the choices, but against the choices being made without student input.

Further concerns were presented over the continued downtrend in SLU’s place in the top 100 schools, moving from 77 to 92 over the past 5 years.

The Arts and Sciences Faculty Council will be holding a meeting on Oct. 11 in Beracha 121 at 3:30 PM. Students are invited to attend and speak.

The Office of Academic Advising introduced the new director of disability services, Jane Jones, and talked about developments in academic advising.

There was a presentation concerning the university-wide undergraduate learning outcomes being developed at SLU. The learning outcomes are to be framed by the SLU mission statement and the five dimensions of a Saint Louis University education. Literature regarding the development of the plan, its current draft and ways to voice student opinions are available online on SLU’s website. There will be multiple open fora held over the next month.

SGA also approved new charter funding for Dumbledore’s Army, spot funding for Decadence and funding allocations for Smoke-Free SLU and Alpha Psi-Omega.