Kauffman fields questions at SGA

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Student Government Association meeting was host to special guest Bill Kauffman as he addressed his role as Interim President for Saint Louis University and responded to the group’s questions. With a light atmosphere and open dialogue, the meeting hinted at a hopeful future and healthy relationship between the students and president.

Kauffman began by assuring SGA that he was there for them and was dedicated to the university.

“I really care about the institution we share,” stated Kauffman. “I want you to know that the senior executive staff of this university is dedicated to your success.”

The president also expressed his desire for a clean slate from the students and his goal to eliminate “some of the noise that [SLU] has had over the course of the past year.”

“We can remember our history, but let’s not live in it,” Kauffman said. “I have great confidence in what this year can be.”

In discussing the search for the university’s new president, Kauffman stressed the importance of the students’ involvement with the process and their engagement in the opportunity to move forward. Included in this involvement is a hopeful visit from the Presidential Search Committee, who would listen to SGA’s ideas on what the student body is looking for in their next president.

Kauffman also touched on the university’s most recent events, which included SLU’s new harassment policy as well as the new sexual assault and relationship violence policy. He added celebratory comments towards the dedications of the new Center for Global Citizenship, Scott Law Center and the Student Leader Hall of Fame and

encouraged the group to visit and appreciate these new developments.

The president then discussed the new office of chairman structure for governing the university and mentioned the collaboration of efforts involved from select administrators.

When answering SGA’s questions, Kauffman reminded the group that he was new to the position and would do his best to address their concerns through collaboration.

“I have pledged to the university to try to be accessible,” stated Kauffman. “I want to be available to you. If there is a need, members of this body, let me know about it. Regarding the search committee and their communication with faculty, SGA learned that the committee fully intends to communicate with both faculty and students alike so as to reach the university’s needs with the new president. Kauffman also assured the students that a limiting of power and management of budget are not being overlooked and will be keys to a successful future.

Following the question and answer session with Kauffman, SGA progressed their meeting onto the issue of spot funding directives.

There is an SGA open forum for senate reform on Monday, Sept. 30, concerning possible alterations to the structure of SGA

The meeting then addressed the first passing of a senate bill, which amended the name of the Information Technology Services (ITS) Committee.

Following the bill to rename the committee was the first funding bill, in which the ITS committe was granted $250 in Special Projects Funding.