Let Us Introduce You: Erica Carrow

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Habitat VP loves the outdoors, working with children

When Erica Carrow arrived at SLU, she found herself choosing between a variety of majors, but nothing really excited her until she job-shadowed a school occupational therapist during her freshman year.

“The OT did art projects and exercises and the kids absolutely loved it. I felt such a connection with what she was doing – I could see myself working in a school setting someday”.

Carrow is in her fourth year at SLU, working towards a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.

It was not just the job shadowing experience that inspired Erica to want to work with children. Carrow has always enjoyed working with the youth, even before beginning her college career. For years she had taught swimming lessons for children ages three to 12.  For Carrow, teaching lessons has been a worthwhile experience.

“I loved teaching the kids how to swim and seeing how proud they were to accomplish something new,” she said.

For two years, Carrow has also been involved in two programs run by faculty of the SLU Occupational Therapy Department: Teen Connections and Tween Connections. The two groups work on developing and improving the social skills of both middle and high school students that have been diagnosed with something that may impact their ability to create and maintain friendships.

“We talk about strategies for different problems [the kids] may be having. The group works on a lot of things in addition to social skills. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from it,” Carrow said.

When Carrow isn’t studying, she stays busy fulfilling her duties as Habit for Humanity’s Vice President for Advertising, part of her role as the of head the Public Relations committee.

“I make a lot of signs and submit a lot of things to Newslink,” Carrow jokes, “but it’s definitely a lot more than that, too.”

Two of Carrow’s friends, who are now the co-presidents of the Habitat for Humanity group at SLU, encouraged her to join and she ended up enjoying all that the group had to offer.

“It’s a great bunch of people and I always have a lot of fun. I enjoy trying to come up with new ideas for the organization, while expanding on previous Habitat events as well,” Carrow explains.

Though her schedule remains busy, Carrow enjoys reading, watching movies and being with her friends in her spare time.

“I’m a huge Harry Potter buff, but I’ve also read every cheesy romance novel by Nicholas Sparks! I also like to read books that have been made into movies and compare them.”                  In addition to watching movies and reading, Carrow also enjoys listening to music, and is an avid fan of both Usher and, most recently, Justin Timberlake.

“Those two have my heart,” said Carrow.

As far as her other hobbies and interests, Carrow also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially with her family.

“I feel like people have these hobbies, like, ‘Oh, I go to see shows on the weekend’, but really, my friends and my family are my hobby. They mean a lot to me.”