An unexpected passing

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David Pollack, a 58 year-old adjunct professor of philosophy, passed away in a University classroom on Oct. 6.  The cause of his death has not been determined, but authorities have indicated that there were no signs of foul play.

Pollack earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Columbia University and later received a master’s degree in economics and philosophy from Oxford University. Pollack taught at many other local colleges and universities, in addition to SLU.

Since 2009, Pollack has taught the SLU course “Ethical Considerations on Climate Change.” Last fall, he offered a set of talks sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences on climate change, called “Conversations on Climate Change.”

Theodore Vitali, chair of the Department of Philosophy, stated Pollack was “deeply, morally and spiritually committed to the well-being of the planet.” He said Pollack’s goal was to bring a moral dimension to climate change. Vitali further commented on the perspective that Pollack approached his teaching with, saying he had “great vigor and enormous intellectual rigor.”

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