‘Brand’ new Ad Club

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In 2010, companies spent an estimated $143 billion in the United States, and $467 billion globally, on advertisements.  No wonder so many people are attracted to advertising as a career choice. Some of those interested can be educated on the topic through SLU’s Ad Club, as well as through classes.  The SLU Ad Club is currently going through a rebranding process to modernize itself and become more visible on campus.

Ad Club member Ryan Spencer said, “We have created the name ‘Clocktower Advertising’ (a branch of the Ad Club) to accentuate our rebranding efforts.”  Spencer said that the Ad Club had always been willing to contract its services to other student groups; however, not enough students knew about the program.  Spence continued, saying that offering these services has two main objectives: providing experience for Ad Club members and providing service to other Chartered Student Organizations (CSO).

He went on to describe that the goal of the Clocktower Advertising, which comprises communication students, is providing members of the group with firsthand experience that would be necessary in advertising firms.  These roles include account management, graphic design, copywriting and web design. The Clocktower Advertising group will be contracting its services to whichever CSO requests its help.

Ilwoo Ju, the faculty advisor of the Ad Club, said, “…we have been working on rebranding our club to promote to SLU organizations through print, web and social media channels.”

Last semester, the Ad Club took on the St. Francis Xavier Church as a client.  The members designed promotional materials for the church, which included advertisements for St. Francis Xavier’s Grand Ballroom, which can be rented for weddings and other events.

The Ad Club offers a way for students to learn and engage with the world of advertising without impacting their GPAs.  The group has taken multiple visits to advertising agencies and production studios in the past, allowing students to meet professionals in the business.

Members compete in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) and become members of the American Advertising Federation, which allows them to attend advertising functions and agency activities.

“Our organization has a lot to offer SLU CSOs, and we are eager to show everyone what we can do,” said Spencer.

Any students interested in joining the Ad Club or Clocktower Advertising should contact Ilwoo Ju ([email protected]), and those curious about the work done by the Ad Club can check out its NSAC portfolio on the SLU website, under the Ad Club’s section of the Clubs and Organizations page.