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This December, Saint Louis University will welcome a new chairman to its Board of Trustees, according to a news statement released on Saturday, Sept. 27. At that time, current chairman Joe Adorjan will step down from his position and become Chairman Emeritus, while Board member Joseph Conran will acquire the title of chairman.

Conran is a SLU alumnus, having received an undergraduate and law degree from the University. He has been a member of the Board since 2012 and is enthusiastic about his future transition to the chairman position.

“I am honored to be elected to this prestigious position … and I look forward to working with [the Board] and everyone in the SLU community in the years ahead,” said Conran in the press release.

After stepping down in December, Adorjan will have served three terms as chairman and will have led the effort in selecting Pestello as president. He will remain an active member of the Board and will oversee Pestello’s formal inauguration