Faculty recognizes local artists at invitational show


Courtesy of Amy Bautz

 Studio Art hosts annual invitational show

As the monotonous, dreary days of winter continue, Saint Louis University students search for new, interesting ways to avoid the cold.  A free celebration of art makes an excellent escape from the mundane.

A variety of unique, talented artists will showcase pieces ranging in topic from endangered species to public transportation at the SLU Invitational 2015, located in the McNamee Gallery of the Samuel Cupples house.  The SLU Studio Art faculty and staff invited a select number of artists, all of whom live in-town, to display their work at the event.  The exhibit will commence on Friday, Feb. 20, and last until Saturday, March 28.  The opening reception of the show is Friday, Feb. 20, from 4:30-6:30 pm.  Many of the featured artists will be present at the event, along with their family and friends.  Students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend and interact with the artists.  This event is an excellent opportunity for students to network with up-and-coming artists located around the St. Louis area.

Amy Bautz, Studio Art Program Director and Associate Professor of Studio Art, strongly encourages students to attend the opening reception.  “It’s an open event, we hope people will come for five minutes or thirty minutes — whatever they like.” Complimentary food and drinks will be provided.

The featured artists include: Todd Anderson, D. Lohr Barkley, Amelia-Colette Jones, Michael King, Tara McCarthy, Dganit Moreno, Ambica Prakash and Elisa Sugar.  There is no unifying theme of the event; each artist will present 1-3 pieces.  As far as what to expect for the Invitational, Bautz gave the description, “It’s always a surprise.”

There will be a diverse selection of pieces displayed throughout the exhibit.  Todd Anderson will feature wood-cuts with an environmental theme; D. Lohr Barkley will feature a site-specific installation created from found materials; Amelia-Colette Jones will feature multimedia pieces with sound; Michael King makes guitars and will showcase two guitars, as well as sketches of his work; Tara McCarthy will present paintings of endangered species; Dganit Moreno specializes in ceramics and will present vessels; and Ambica Prakash is a graphic designer who will feature pieces of transit graphics.

The SLU Studio Art faculty does not choose artists based on specific criteria.  Some faculty members choose artists who may be relevant to their class; others choose upcoming artists who need exposure.   The show will be open to the public Wednesdays through Fridays 12-4 pm and Saturdays 1-4 pm until the conclusion of the exhibit.

The Studio Art department hosts shows on a routine basis throughout the year.

Information about future events can be found on the SLU Fine and Performing Arts website.

Local art: Two paintings by Tara McCarthy (above) and a ceramic piece by Dganit Moreno (below) feature among the artwork included in the SLU Invitational 2015, an art show in McNamee Gallery that displays work by select local artists. The diverse exhibition opens on Feb. 20 and runs until March 28.

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