Noah Gundersen serenades crowd with new album

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Noah Gundersen serenades crowd with new album

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Intimate interactions: Noah Gundersen and sister Abby perform select tracks from his new album “Cigarettes” at St. Louis concert venue, Old Rock House on Jan. 29. Michael Dimaria / Staff Photographer

Jean jackets, flannel shirts and beanies galore filled the St. Louis concert venue, Old Rock House, on Jan. 29.  Waitresses roamed through the crowds taking drink orders for those awaiting the show.  In a room with high ceilings, in front of a simple, black backdrop and a single spotlight, Noah Gundersen serenaded a crowd of young adults with his poetic lyrics and beautiful harmonies.  With mere inches between Gunderson and the audience, the setting made for an intimate concert experience.

Gundersen’s younger sister, Abby, accompanied him for a few songs during his set.  Gundersen on an acoustic guitar and Abby on violin, the crowd was entranced by the pure, raw emotion of their sound.  The siblings’ voices complement each other well — like peanut butter and Oreos.

While the mood remained quite mellow and peaceful throughout the show, Gundersen cracked jokes in-between songs and interacted with the audience, taking requests and telling stories of previous performances.

Noah’s range, the way he sings with such honesty and emotion, could give anyone chills.  The soothing melodies from his acoustic guitar highlight the strength of his vocal tones. At times during the concert, he would stop playing his guitar and sing along in-harmony with the audience, a capella style.

His modest, down-to-earth personality is portrayed through his spiritual, powerful lyrics.  The lyrics speak of humility, relationships, love, loss and change- all relatable subjects.  Even at the age of 24, he maintains a level of maturity in his music.

He sang several songs from his latest album, “Ledges”, in addition to songs from his previous albums, “Family, Saints and Liars, and Brand New World.”  Certain tracks evoked immediate cheers from the audience including, “Caroline” and “Poor Man’s Son.”

At one point during the show, Noah commented on his music, referring to it as “depressing.”  While his music is certainly not conducive for a dance-party, it is quality music perfect for any study session, car ride or hangout.

Noah’s songs are not overpowering and each track will resonate with the listener, leaving them with something to think about.  Noah played his harmonica and acoustic guitar for his song “Cigarettes.”  The combination of instruments with Abby’s violin was breathtaking.

The singer/ songwriter took a break from his original music and provided a soulful, acoustic rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

The crowd was filled with “Gundersen-groupies” who sang along to his lyrics throughout the show.  With limited seating, the majority of the crowd remained standing, without complaint, for the 90-minute show.   Some resorted to sitting on tables or standing on chairs to get a clear view of Gundersen and his sister. Most people had their phones out, recording the performance.

Gundersen and Abby recently made their national TV debut on CBS’s  “This Morning.”  The duet sang his songs, “Boathouse” and “Cigarettes.”

Gundersen has been praised in magazines such as Interview, Relevant, and People.  His music has been featured on popular TV shows including “Sons of Anarchy” and “One Tree Hill.”