Enjoying spring at SLU, St. Louis

Welcome back from spring break! Thankfully, as many of us were off vacationing or visiting families, the St. Louis region finally decided to shake off its winter gear in exchange for more quintessential spring attire. For the sake of our first-years and those who could still use some tips, our editors offered up their opinions on how to best enjoy the spring season at SLU and in St. Louis.

Although the Soulard Farmers Market is open all year round, springtime welcomes an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to the stands.  Plus, there’s always freshly-picked flowers to brighten up a dreary dorm room or apartment, and walking around the open-air market simply ushers in the new season. – Deirdre Kerins

As the weather gets warmer and the semester draws to a close (face it, once we’re past spring break, everything seems to happen faster), I suggest going for long walks to help deal with stress, cabin fever and general anxiety over upcoming finals and papers. I’m not trying to be cheesy here; this isn’t some philosophical suggestion that you should go meander through Forest Park and contemplate the meaning of life. It’s simply this: walks are a good medium for people watching and experiencing the miracle of springtime.  –Paul Brunkhorst

I am trying to take advantage of the nice weather at every opportunity, which mostly includes studying outside. My roommate and I lay in front of Fusz with our books and computers and attempt to focus on the task at hand. I am a nerd. Most of the time though, our outdoor adventures end in people watching and looking for dogs on campus. –Lexie Vasos

Living off campus, I’m close to several parks that offer the opportunity to go hiking by the Mississippi, walk in the shade of the budding woods and bask in the year’s first sensations of warm sunlight. This past Monday was a fine example of St. Louis’s springtime potential, even if the subsequent days proved how easy it is for us to slide back into the rhythm of winter. However, I find that springtime brings with it strong waves of impatience: students usually find themselves locked in intensive study at the same time spring has settled permanently over the Midwest. –Tim Wilhelm

SLU itself is a great place to enjoy the spring-time weather, and it makes me want to be active. Grab some shade, or sunlight, slacklining in the quad or by the gazebo on east campus. Slackline kits start on amazon.com for only $35 and are a fun way to be active with friends. If you’re a less-active type, grab a book and unroll your hammock between some trees. Since SLU hammocks are often occupied and time with them is hard to come by, pick an individual one up on amazon.com for about $15. –Casey Vaughn

Easily, the best part of Spring is those rare occasions when you get to have class outside. It may take a little convincing, but all but the stingiest of professors will relent under enough student pressure and take the lesson outdoors. Don’t be afraid to ask–they typically enjoy the weather as much as you do. It’s better to be rejected than spend the entire period staring longingly out the window, wondering what might have been. – Kyle Smith