Lindell Strip entertains crowd after concert

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After students were finished rocking out to the All-American Rejects, the night didn’t have to end there – and for many, it didn’t. An after-party at The Lindell Strip invited SLU students to continue their night of fun with a glow-themed party.

Industrial-strength black lights, white T-shirts, highlighters and glow sticks gave the party its theme, which turned the Coronado Ballroom into a night club for the day.

The numbers for the party were impressive: 1,100 people RSVP’d, and 1,800 showed up. The ballroom was at capacity nearly the entire time, letting only one person in at a time as each one left, for four hours straight. The event was far more successful than even the organizers had anticipated, in terms of attendance and student response.

“I don’t think it was a fluke,” said Henry Phillips, one of the organizers, who works at The Lindell Strip. “The area doesn’t really have a market for this kind of event.” He cited word of mouth, the Facebook event and the student desire for party venues as contributors to the mass attendance. Most night clubs are driving distance from campus, which doesn’t lend itself to convenience or safety, he said. “When we can provide a safe experience, when you can walk, why wouldn’t you?”

The event was also able to promote a DJ who is a SLU student, DJ Hurley, and give him an outlet with a large audience.

The organizers at The Lindell Strip organized the party to coincide with the All-American Rejects concert, although it was not officially affiliated with the university. They plan on hosting these parties once a semester, in the ballroom, to engage with the SLU community and provide a unique atmosphere.

“With our location, it’d be absurd for us not to be involved in student life,” said Phillips.

As an apartment building, The Lindell Strip wants students to live there, and they are also looking for student involvement in all aspects of their plans, which is where these parties come into play. The administrations sees having entertaining events as one of the benefits of being a housing complex. Brainstorming and planning for next year’s party is already on the mind of the staff of The Lindell Strip.

The Lindell Strip is located on Lindell Boulevard, directly across from Morrissey Hall.