SLU students flock to Twenty One Pilots show


There is no other music group climbing up in pop culture more unique or unorthodox than Twenty One Pilots, and a sold-out crowd at Chaifetz Arena on Halloween night proved just that.  The duo consists of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn.

Starting out in Columbus, Ohio, the band received much attention for their different sound and eccentric shows, where Joseph would climb, thrash and jump on anything and everything.  But with their newfound success, can they translate what was so special in their small venue-shows to a sold-out Chaifetz Arena?  From the crowd’s enthusiasm, it’s safe to say that yes, they can.

Halloween was a perfect backdrop to the concert.  Chaifetz was packed with skeletons, witches, pizza rats, and even Blurryfaces, the character that Twenty One Pilots created and based their new album on. The evening started with openers Finish Tour and “Cool Kids” group Echosmith.  Their positive energy and danceable music was a great warm-up for the headliners.  Twenty One Pilots came out and performed their first song, “Heavydirtysoul.”

Right off the bat, the crowd sang along with every single word – very loudly.  This level of spirit was unmatched in any other concert I have ever attended.  The group’s vocals coming from the floor, to the upper levels and even the nosebleeds, were a perfect compliment to Joseph’s vocals and lyrics.

From the first song on, the audience was launched into a nearly two-hour extravagant performance, showcasing songs from albums “Vessel” and “Blurryface.”  Throughout most of the show, the band did not engage in much “concert-talk,” instead opting to go straight from song to song.

In the middle of the set, the band performed a medley of “The Pantaloon,” “Semi-Automatic,” “Forest,”  “Screen,” “Ode to Sleep” and “Addict with a Pen” that successfully paid homage to the group’s older songs.  Radio hit “Tear in My Heart” brought a poppiness to the night.

The band seemed to get more intimate as they neared the end of the night, perhaps due to it being the last night of their most successful tour yet.

Joseph prefaced one of the last songs, the emotive “Car Radio,” by talking about how much the tour has meant to the two of them and how St. Louis was the perfect place to end it.

In the middle of the song, Joseph ran to the back of the floor and climbed a tall structure that allowed him to scream the lyrics with the fans in the back and higher sections.

An encore was energetically requested, and the band delivered, ending the night with “Goner” and “Trees.”  Following “Trees,” Dunn and Joseph tearfully thanked the confetti-soaked crowd.  Twenty One Pilots will fly into town next on Aug. 2, 2016, at the Scottrade Center.

Will the duo be able to handle a venue that hosts the likes of the St Louis Blues, Taylor Swift, and Blake Shelton?  Only time will tell, but judging from  from the great time everyone had at Chaifetz on Oct. 31, it will be a must-attend show.

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