Editors share their favorite things about spring


Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the college students are … what, exactly? We asked our editorial board to find out what everyone had planned for the springtime. Here is what everyone had to say:

Paul: Every spring, I’m always surprised to watch the trees grow leaves, the birds sing and the grass lose its brown, winter tinge. It’s as if the winter makes me forget that being outside can actually be a pleasant experience. I like to enjoy the outdoors during the spring, and I would recommend checking out Forest Park and eating at some of the great restaurants in the Central West End, many of which have outdoor seating areas.

Casey: My favorite thing about spring is that it actually stays light outside past 5 p.m. That being said, I love to enjoy the longer days by going on runs in Forest Park, or sitting on a patio enjoying happy hour margaritas and apps with my girlfriends in the Central West End.

Tim: I knew spring had arrived when I saw the horde of five hundred black birds scattered across my backyard, littering the trees and emitting their desolate call of the cruel Darwinian imperative. When they took flight, their collective movement gave a rushing pulse through the air. I stared longingly after them, wishing only to join them and leave this cruel wingless existence. They gradually moved away from me. I continued to watch. I waited. They passed on. And I was left with only my empty morning mind. Such is life. Happy spring!

Emily: Every spring I always take the time to smell the SLUlips. There is nothing quite like the rustling in one’s hair whilst swinging in a hammock, reading The New Yorker. It’s cute. I also like to do other really cute things, like crafting crowns out daisies and selling them on Etsy. The April showers allow me to walk around in the rain with a somber expression and a pouty lip, holding my floral umbrella as the Dawson’s Creek theme song (AKA ‘I don’t to wait’ by Paula Cole) plays in the background. I also like to brunch. A lot. With mimosas. A lot of mimosas. Confession: it’s only mimosas. But really, what would a breezy brunch al fresco be nothing without an eggs benny? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Alex: By far, my favorite spring-time activity is walking the old, beautiful streets of St. Louis, enjoying the fresh, crisp air of a new year, all while watching the passerbys.  From the older couples walking their dogs, the the bikers who insist at biking 20 miles per hour in the middle of the road like a freakin car, to the new birds and squirrels adorning the trees, to the bikers blowing through stop signs and traffic likes like they aren’t cars any more, to the new ma and pop taking baby out for its first stroller ride, to bikers swerving across three lanes to make a left turn from the right side of the road, like the pavement was built for them — all of it is just beautiful.

Mack: Stuffy nose? Watery eyes? Surprise, it’s spring! Wondering how to spend this St. Louis spring? How about checking out Lone Elk Park and Castlewood State Park, two of St. Louis County’s underrated outdoor parks? Strolling through Antique Row on Cherokee Street? Or unleashing your inner child at the City Museum?

Kyle: Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation. As such, I plan to spend this spring like I do every spring:  enjoying the outdoors, hunting for Easter eggs, eagerly awaiting the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who will return to rain hellfire upon the wicked and nonbelievers, and, spring cleaning!

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