Whose fans are more irritating — Chicago or St. Louis?


No matter the game, it’s no secret that sports fans at SLU typically fall squarely into one of two camps: St. Louis or Chicago. And with the Cubs battling the Cardinals in the opening weeks of baseball season and the Blues facing off against the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Chicago-St. Louis tensions are currently at a fever pitch on SLU’s campus. Since the UNews boasts editors from all across the country, we decided to take an objective, unbiased look to answer the question once and for all: Which city has the most irritating sports fans?

Paul: Chicago Cubs fans are by far the most annoying, and the reasons for this are almost as numerous as the amount of years it’s been since the team has won a World Series. First of all, the National League is a joke; everyone knows that pitchers can’t — and shouldn’t — bat. It’s time for the NL to get on board with the designated hitter position. And, though as a Minnesota Twins fan it pains me to say this, the White Sox are truly Chicago’s team; when I hear “Wrigley Field” I do not think of baseball greatness, or of a storied history of success, or of a legion of legendary players. I think of chewing gum. The Cubs haven’t found their groove for over a century, and I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon, no matter what their die-hard followers tell you.

Emily: Paul is wrong. In fact, I hear he doesn’t even watch baseball. Don’t believe everything you read in a newspaper: the Cubs have definitely found their groove. While I respect the Cardinal team for all of its accolades and yada yada yada, the Cubs are on the verge of something very special, and the fans are right to be excited — we’ve been waiting long enough.

Mack: Both cities’ fans can be insufferably annoying at times, though allegiances within cities may be shifting. While Blackhawks fans are understandably proud of their team considering the team’s recent string of success since the late-2000s, the tides feel like they might finally be turning back to the Blues’ favor. Meanwhile, in baseball, it feels like it just might be the inverse. While the Cardinals have depth but relatively little frontline talent, the Cubs possess immense talent and depth. You can finally have baseball, Chicago. We’ll take hockey.

Tess: One time when I was at a baseball game, and the Cubs were losing, the Cubs fans started screaming about how the Blackhawks were still number one. It was a baseball game, so why bring up the Blackhawks? That’s a different sport. Moral of the story: all Chicago sports fans are annoying. All the time. At every sports game.

Alex: As for baseball, Cardinals fans rock the line between being fun and passionate without being in-your-face obnoxious. Hockey? Chicago fans are the worst, FOR SURE.  Yes, your team is good.  We get that.  You don’t need to tell us, we don’t really watch hockey anyways so really, we don’t care.  And football? Well…. I guess Chicago wins this one by default?

Kyle: As a Houston native, SLU’s contentious Chicago-St. Louis rivalry means very little to me. It’s not that I can’t appreciate a good hometown feud, I just don’t have a dog in the fight. That being said, rather than demonize the respective fanbases, I welcome the annual rivalry by playing both sides. Cards hit a walk-off home run? Huzzah! ‘Hawks score on a last minute power play? Drinks all around! Whatever the sport, Chicago-St. Louis games offer outsiders the rare opportunity to share in the festivities, knowing full well their team will end up on top—whichever team that happens to be.

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