Let Us Introduce You: Bobby Stilwell

Let Us Introduce You: Bobby Stilwell

Whether he knows it or not, Bobby Stilwell lives out the Confucius phrase, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A junior with an agenda filled almost hour by hour with class, SLUtv, leadership luncheons, KSLU, League of Laughter, SLUnatics, editing his own YouTube channel and U101 Peer Instructing, there’s never a moment for free time.

Bobby is often seen zipping around campus with a high-spirited smile and blue-clad in Billiken gear and jeans.

He moves with the speed and excitement of a buzzing bee. His brain is just as animated. Ask him about sports, reporters, news stations, history, SLU, St. Louis, politics, media, job markets and most anything else and he will gladly have a discussion with you.

For Bobby, his activities and interests aren’t just resumé builders, they’re passions.

He loves to be in front of a camera. He has his own YouTube channel which he produces and edits, often using just his phone camera and iMovie. He acts as a reporter, anchor and meteorologist for SLUtv. Meteorology has been an easy discussion maker for the last few years. “I wanted to be a pilot for a very long time,” he said, “and that’s closely related to weather.”

There is a small regional airport in Bobby’s hometown in Bethalto, Ill.

He used to fly in little one-or-two-person airplanes with his step-dad, and though that passion continues to this day, some college major changes had to be made.

“My sophomore year, the economy started getting bad and a lot of pilots were losing their jobs. I thought I better pick something that isn’t directly related to that.”

Bobby switched to meteorology and now mentions how he would like to get a commercial pilot’s license and fly on the side.

But for now, instead of sitting in McDonnell Douglas Hall, he finds himself in front of green screens in the SLUtv studio saying, “Good evening Saint Louis University, I’m SLU News 22 meteorologist Bobby Stilwell here with your Monday update.”

Bobby dreams of working at a small news station and being on TV. He’s thought a lot about Minneapolis because TV is doing well there and the people and community are similar to St. Louis.

It’s only the latitude that would drop the seasonal temperatures more than a few degrees that make him think about returning to St. Louis in the future, but he’s willing to see where his interests will take him.

Q & A with Bobby

Q: You’re a huge fan of SLU Athletics. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Bobby: Basketball by far. It’s a game you constantly have to watch to see the good stuff happening.

Q: Any preference on men or women’s basketball?

Bobby: No, I like them both. Last year it was easier to watch the women’s team because they did so well, but I think Coach Ford will be great. Stone and Ford are two peas in a pod. They want to get in the community, they want to grow at SLU.

Q: What do you think of the new Billiken mascot?

Bobby: Well I made a video about it on my YouTube channel and someone trolled me. He was mad and said I didn’t know what it takes to make a mascot. But like most of SLU, I think it shouldn’t have a two-toned face and its mouth could be closed a bit more.

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