UNewsers: What will you do while Humphrey’s is gone?

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In light of the news that Humphrey’s will be closing its doors for a remodeling, we asked our Ed. Board this week what they will do in absence of the upperclassmen-favorite watering hole. For some of us, little will change. Several members of the Ed. Board have never been to the locally renowned college bar. But for those who have attended Humphrey’s, the bar will be held in their thoughts.

Below is our Ed. Board’s testimony:

Mack: I’ll probably either end up heading to Te Grove, Maplewood or Tower Grove. I like the idea of going to an area that has a bit of a neighborhood feel, because there are so many options. Te fact that The Grove is so close to campus is definitely a big plus. Maplewood is definitely an underrated area by SLU students.

Meredith: I’ll be graduating in the spring, so I’m hoping the construction on Hump’s will wait until after I’m gone, but if not, this weekend I went to the newly-opened Narwhal’s for the first time, and I definitely can see myself going there with a group of friends instead of Humps for a midweek drink, especially in nice weather. I’m sad though, because I feel like a ton of bars will start popping up around closer to campus as soon as my class has graduated and I’ll come back to visit and be really jealous of the current upperclassmen.

Will: Sadly, I have no memories of Humphrey’s and those memories don’t exist for the saddest of reasons. I am under 21 and have never been able to spend an evening in that storied testament to the life of decades of Billikens. It is a place that I, as an underclassman, had looked at with a childish awe for the past two years. Perhaps, the class of ‘18 and I will find another place to celebrate our senior year every Wednesday.

Brendan: I’ll still end up drinking wine at home alone.

Trevor: With my 20th birthday due in November, I will never experience Humphrey’s. I never thought much about Humphrey’s as something I would miss, but I have also never considered it as something that was going away in the foreseeable future. Of course, the bar is not actually going away. It’s just changing. The business is adapting to the changing bar scene. Still, as a St. Louis resident from birth, I find it sad to know I will never go to the old bar next to SLU as it was for decades. My parents, their friends and my sister all have been to Humphrey’s, and it’s disappointing to think that I will not be able to. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Hopefully when I experience the new Humphrey’s I will still be able to enjoy it despite the lost appeal of the bar’s history.

Tess: Well, I’ll be graduating in December so I’m unsure if I will be around when the remodeling takes place. However, if I am here, even though I usually complain 15 minutes into Pennies about the sticky floors, obnoxious music and annoying exes that I’m trying to avoid, I will miss this sweaty armpit of a bar. To get over the pain, I’ll hit up some of my other favorite places like the Heavy Anchor on Gravois Ave. and the Whiskey Ring on Cherokee St. Or like most SLU students blessed enough to be over 21, I’ll be at McGurk’s and Molly’s.

Kyle: The SLU bar scene (for as much it could be considered a “scene”) has undergone a lot of changes over the years. I’ve been at this school long enough to have known students that remember the days when the Shack was called Laclede’s. Now, the Shack’s closed and Laclede’s is nothing but a stray line of graffiti that means nothing to anyone but occasionally passing alumni. But Hump’s is a SLU staple. It’s been here longer than any student you or I could have ever met. It’s where I’ve spent the majority of time, and more money than I care to admit. What will I do while it’s closed? To be honest, I don’t really know. But I do know that until the day they start tearing down that first wall, I’ll be there every chance I get, with a greasy pitcher in one hand and a penny in the other.