Fall favorites: Concerts to put on your calendar


One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking out of a concert with sweat-covered clothes, tired legs and a desperate need for water, greeted by the brisk cool air of a St. Louis autumn night. The only way you can experience this wonderful feeling, however, is if you first attend a show this fall. This should be an easy task because our city is overflowing with phenomenal shows in the next two months that are just asking for you to attend them. Here are a few that are well worth penciling in to your calendar.

Joyce Manor, The Hotelier and Crying are all going to be at Blueberry Hill on Oct. 27, and you should be planning to be as well. This might be the best triple-billing of any show hitting our town in the next few months. All three bands are touring behind some of the strongest pop-punk albums the genre has seen in a long time. The Hotelier’s “Goodness,” which was released in May, has a very slow-burning crescendo to its songs, with lead singer Christian Holden’s perfectly imperfect voice taking center stage the majority of the time. Take the time to learn their lyrics so that you can scream along with them.

Crying is definitely the oddball band on the bill. Their new album, “Beyond the Fleeting Gales,” showcases sounds of 8-bit keys and lo-fi vibes, while remaining nothing short of enthralling. Everything about their sound should not work on paper, but when you hear the key and guitar solo in “Wool in the Wash,” every doubt vanishes. How the band got grouped into the genre of pop-punk and tours with bands they don’t sound like at all is a question I would love to get answered, but for now I will just accept that they round-out a phenomenal show. Go into Blueberry Hill with the mentality that you are going to dance, scream and crowd surf all in the span of a few hours, all while having a grand old time.

If pop-punk isn’t your style and you would rather dance your legs off to some good old EDM, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about going to Porter Robinson and Madeon at The Pageant on Nov. 8. Billed as the “Shelter Live Tour,” these are two of the absolute best in the game of electronic dance music. Porter creates music that is emotionally striking, and Madeon throws down some of the best anthems you could ever hope to hear. They are not going to have two different sets, though. Instead, they will be mixing alongside one another onstage, taking each other to the next level and blurring the lines by intertwining their expansive catalogues. This is not just a show in which great music will be played, it will be a fully immersive visual experience. Porter especially is known for his visuals, a combination of anime clips and vivid colors, so expect to have your eyes glued to the LED screen that will back the stage from floor to ceiling. This will be a night celebrating the many successes in these two young artists’ careers, and the fact that many of the shows on the tour are sold out is all the more reason to take ‘Shelter’ with Porter and Madeon in the cozy confines of The Pageant.

And lastly, The 1975 are not coming to St. Louis until Nov. 29, but that does not mean you should not already have your ticket. Why should you be excited about this show? Because The 1975 has the ability to transport you from 2016 to not 1975, but to the ‘80s with their vintage sound. Expect for the show to pull heavily from their wonderful-but-ridiculously-named 2016 release “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” Songs such as “Love Me,” with its funky bass line and cheeky lyrics, and “Paris,” with its somber and beautiful recount of addiction, could easily soundtrack a John Hughes film. In the past year, the band has jumped into stardom with high-profile late-night appearances and festival gigs, and are one of the closest things to a classically raunchy rock-and-roll band in the 21st century. Lead singer Matty Healy is one of the most charismatic frontmen in music right now, and will no doubt put on quite a show for all who attend this show for a pre-finals escape. An added bonus is the fact that Phantogram will be opening up the show. Their electronically driven indie sound makes for an environment in which dancing is not an option but required.

This is not the only great show hosted by St. Louis’ radio station 105.7 The Point this holiday season. The lineup of annual HoHo shows also includes Band of Horses and their beautiful swooning at the Pageant, Bastille and their British-tinged rock at The Peabody and The Strumbellas and their stadium-ready tunes to the tiny Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. Needless to say, St. Louis will have no shortage of alternative concerts from the end of November to the middle of December.

So regardless of what your musical tastes are, there is a show coming to the 314 that is for you. Grab a friend, hop on the metro and check out some live music. Not only will you be having a guaranteed great night, you will be supporting the arts, which is hands down the best excuse for putting off homework for a night.

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