Halloween movies to get in the spirit

Halloween movies to get in the spirit

Well, it’s that time of year again. Colorful leaves, crisp mornings, and most importantly, the pumpkin spice- flavored coffee and muffins. With many exciting events to look forward to in the fall, like midterms and fall break, it’s impossible to miss the autumn aura in the air. With that being said, let’s jump right into the top movies this Halloween season.

“The Corpse Bride”

From the talented director Tim Burton comes a creative tale about two very different people: a living man and a dead woman. Victor finds himself trapped between life in the land of the living and in the land of the dead. He faces one huge question while having to decide to marry his arranged fiancée or stay with the corpse; is love worth dying for?

“The Boxtrolls”

After being raised in an underground city constructed of trash and knickknacks, Eggs has to save his family from a heartless villain who brutally exterminates the boxtrolls, creatures who have a strict dress code of cardboard boxes. Trapped in cages and mistreated, this epic adventure tells the story of love, redemption and the acceptance of unconventionality.


Child-medium Norman has uncanny relationships with the dead. Ostracized from family and friends, Norman is mistaken as crazy when the deceased begin to warn him of a curse placed on the town by a witch. In this mesmerizing stop-motion animation, we follow Norman along his journey of zombies, murders, ghosts and the scariest of all – humans – to save the townspeople.


Imagine if all of your dreams came true. Or rather, what if all of your nightmares became your reality? In this twisted world, Coraline hates her new house, her new school uniform and her parents. When she wishes it all away, she is greeted in a parallel universe where everything is perfect. Or so it seems. In this universe, the one condition for Coraline to stay is that she has to replace her brown eyes for black but tons.

“American Psycho”

Patrick Bateman is a typical New York business man – good looks, designer clothes, beautiful women, a Park Avenue penthouse and a Wall Street job. His secret? He is a serial killer. When Pat kills a company business executive, he performs his usual method for covering up his tracks. His control is flipped into vulnerability when one of his friends is on a phone call with his victim days after his murder.

“The Shining”

Here’s Johnny! Jack Torrance needs a vacation. A perfect opportunity presents itself when Jack is hired to be a caretaker for a hotel in the rural mountains of Colorado. When the winter season hits and blizzards are in full swing, a certain evil escapes from the hotel and taints the family. Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece is a psychological thriller that will entice you until the very end. Keep an eye out for the tons of Easter eggs throughout the film.

“Crimson Peak”

When Edith finds herself moving to a remote mansion with her new husband, strange things start to happen. The ghosts haunting the mansion are consistently trying to convey a message. By the time she figures out the secrets in the walls of this cold manor, will it be too late?

And if “Crimson Peak” is not creepy enough for you, there is one last recommendation I can make for a Halloween fright. If you’re feeling very brave, I mean super, firefighter brave, search for Season 1 Episode 19 of “Te Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” “The Ghost in Room 613.” Warning: watch with the lights on.

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