‘Billikleaners’ keeps Billikens looking like a million bucks

‘Billikleaners’ keeps Billikens looking like a million bucks

As we quickly approach the real world, the likelihood of invitations reading “business casual” under “dress code” sharply increases. And let’s not even mention job interviews, let alone dive into a discussion about what skirt or tie will make or break our chances of landing the job. Te last thing we want in our hectic schedules is to pull out a suit and find a crease in the pant, or that a white blouse was accidentally thrown into the wash with a red, fuzzy sock.

Growing up is hard, but looking the part doesn’t have to be. Billikleaners, a student-run on-campus dry cleaning service, is not only ready to provide valuable experience for students but to keep them looking sharp, too. Recent Saint Louis University graduate Joseph Wilson was a member of the SLU Entrepreneurship Club when he came up with the idea for Billikleaners, and the service is now overseen by Tristan Tomas, who runs the daily operations.

Students will be able to drop off their clothes at two stations located on campus: the Busch Student Center and the John Cook School of Business. Clothes will then be taken to Bal Coeur Cleaners, where they will be dry cleaned and returned within one to two days. The service is open to students as well as faculty and staff.

In keeping with Jesuit ideals, the Billikleaners team chose Bal Coeur Cleaners because they are known for high-quality dry-cleaning as well as using environmentally friendly chemicals and being conscious of how they run their business. However, that comes at a cost. “We pride ourselves on these merits, and prices will be correspondingly higher than non environmentally friendly dry-cleaning companies. We believe that respect for the environment helps to align our company with Jesuit ideals and modern business practices,”says Thomas.

Although it may cost more than if mom were doing it, Billikleaners will do more than keep the student body smelling like dryer sheets. The company will also offer student jobs. Students interested in entrepreneurship or small business will get hands-on experience working with Billikleaners, and as the service expands there will be jobs for students in areas such as marketing, accounting and couriering. Future plans include a pick-up service to dorms and faculty offices, which will also allow for more employment opportunities.

When asked if they would take advantage of Billikleaners, students have eagerly agreed that it is a service they would use. Fred, a senior, says that he would use the service, as most dry-cleaning business are far from campus, “I would love to wash my suits, but I don’t because I don’t want to walk.”

Freshmen Riley Voss, Poojita Gundala and Ross Pelzel all agreed that it was a good idea and that the service is something they would use. However, not all students think it is necessary. Junior Katie Wilczynski says that she would rather set the washing machine to “delicate” and hope for the best.

Billikleaners will start its mission of keeping SLU looking sleek beginning next semester. By scanning the QR code below and completing the survey using your Gmail account, you can get 20% off the first dry cleaning order.

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