Let Us Introduce You: Sarah Ferretti


Let us introduce you to Sarah Ferretti. She is a junior studying nursing. Her minor is IPE (interprofessional education). She hopes to be a labor and delivery nurse once she graduates, and a nurse practitioner in the future.

Sarah participates in many student organizations, including the Student Nursing Association and Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed service fraternity. She is a member of Beyond All Reason, the all-female a cappella group on campus. She chose to audition for them because she came from an all-female high school and wanted that all-female component where she could just be with girls and have that guaranteed time each week. For her, it is about the music, but also the community.

Dance Marathon encompasses many SLU students’ lives and Sarah is no different. She is very passionate about Dance Marathon because her confirmation sponsor and first-grade teacher’s son was a Miracle Ambassador last year and has had great care from the Miracle Network hospitals. As a nursing major, funding the future and helping children appeals to Sarah. She fundraises for Dance Marathon and her “fun thing” is posting a silly childhood picture of herself when someone donates over $10. She confessed that it’s slightly embarrassing, but “I’m cute, which sounds super conceited, but it’s fun.”

A St. Louis native, Sarah chose SLU because it was close to home, but still thirty minutes away. She wanted to do nursing and stay in Missouri because of a scholarship. After narrowing her options, Sarah chose SLU because of the atmosphere. She interviewed for the Presidential Scholarship and felt like the community was very welcoming. She feels challenged (in a good way) to question her values and stay informed while being accepting and open to different mindsets. She asserted, “That’s not something you find everywhere.”

Sarah emphasized her belief in life being made of different, little moments: “I don’t necessarily believe that one moment defines or determines who you are. Instead, I think we are always changing and evolving. I think I’m made up of all these little moments — the enjoyment I get from singing, the spirituality I develop through personal connections with others and my Catholic faith through Mass and prayer, the deep connections and uplifting conversations I have with friends, the hugs I give, the smiles I share and the hard work I do in school. Each of those tiny moments makes up this whole person that I am.”

Q. Who is your role model? Why?

This is probably cliché, but Pope Francis because he’s such a great guy. I want to be happy, caring and compassionate like he is.

Q. What is your favorite genre of music? What song is your jam right now?

It’s a mix of pop and indie. My jam is Sun Shy by Dresses. The acoustic version is good, but I like the original better.

Q. What is your favorite childhood memory?

When I was younger, my grandpa would take my sister and me to get new snow boots every year. We always went to this one shoe store in the mall and there was a slide in the middle. He would call my mom and ask to speak to us and pick out a day. Those moments are special to me because that was his time to spend with just me and my sister.

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