Recommendations for spring classes

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With course selections around the corner, we asked our Editorial Board about their favorite classes and professors. Their responses are below.

Brendan Williams: I needed a final literature credit, so I searched for something that sounded fun. I ended up deciding on LGBT Literature and Culture taught by Dr. Ellen Crowell. The course explored historical texts that defined queer identity throughout the past and connected them to culture today. Through the course, I learned to look at literature in a more personal way, and, in turn, developed a better understanding of my own identity.

Kyle Smith: I never would have guessed it based on the course title or description, but “ENGL 4000: Business and Professional Writing” proved to be one of the most practically useful classes I’ve taken at SLU. The subject might seem dry at times, but my professor, David Cormier, made an effort to tailor the class to his students’ real-life needs rather than some rigid curriculum. We learned how to create resumes, write cover letters, draft proposals — skills that every student, regardless of their chosen career path, ought to have at their disposal before they enter the workforce.

Lauren Tondl: Being a Health Sciences major, it can be hard to find time for classes to take simply because I want to take them. Just like almost every other health major, I had to take Biology I, and it has still been one of my most enjoyable classes of my college career solely because of the teacher. Biology I is just about the driest topic out there, in my opinion, but my teacher, Dr. Fisher, made the material easy to understand and actually a little enjoyable. He really enjoys the topic and throws his own spin on teaching the basics of biology. He’s a charismatic and quirky teacher who’s really invested in the material he’s teaching.

Mack Korris: As a senior with more than 140 credit hours, where do I even begin? I’ve pretty much dabbled into every subject. When I look back on the classes I’ve taken within the Communication curriculum, classes with Dr. Meyer, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Farrell stand out. Outside of the Communication curriculum, I had two real favorites: ENGL 2750 with Professor Hanrahan and THEO 2815 with Dr. Sholl. Both professors radiate geniusness within their fields of study; Hanrahan with English, and also film; Sholl with Teology, and also his knowledge of vast and varied psychoanalytic structures. Sholl’s class delved into the works of Donald Winnicott, Carl Jung, Soren Kierkegaard and Heinz Kohut in relation to the works of the Stoics, Augustine of Hippo and Plato. By far, the most transformative class I’ve taken at SLU.

Maggie Cipriano: Although I have not been at SLU for even a semester, I’ve already met one of the most intelligent beings. Professor Amber Johnson teaches my First-Year Dialogue class where we discuss current controversies and learn how to respectfully voice our opinion. Tis class is a safe space for everyone, and she makes that the main priority. The first day of class Amber told us that we can disagree as long as we are respectful — this alone has taught me a valuable life skill.

Megan Hammond: I have been at SLU for over two years and one of my favorite classes was History of the U. S. to 1865. Although the subject matter was wonderful by itself, the professor was the extra factor that made the class enjoyable. Dr. Silvana Siddali is one of the most caring, intelligent and encouraging professors at SLU. In her classes, Dr. Siddali gives primary source materials to read that are thought-provoking and interesting. She also shows movie clips to make the lecture material easier to comprehend, and even gives extra credit for watching historical films then writing a short reflection.

Natalie Riopelle: Everyone in the world should take a class with Dr. Sholl. He is hilarious and is so full of knowledge. He knows his subject matter backwards and forwards. He handles controversial topics with the ease of someone who is used to navigating risky waters.